Day 6 – Better late than never

Todays workout is a little later than normal. It’s saturday and we spent a semi lazy morning hanging out with the kids and making breakfast. We are fortunite to have respite care  mid afternoon to early evening today – So this is our gym time for today.

Today I am taking it easy. I have a 5km race tomorrow morning at 11:30 for the Edmonton Marathon.  I am super duper excited.


I wouldnt say that I am a runner. I run for my workouts… usually 2-3km… sometimes… and I do these races… so I am a runner for bling! if the race has a medal, or a tshirt… or a jacket… Im there! I love getting stuff for doing something. I feel that it makes me more motivated.  Afterall, what would you rather do… run 5km and be rewarded with a Taco ( true story! I did a taco run once!) or would you rather just run.. then be done and thats it? The taco is more enticing and motivating!

Today’s workout conisted of weights, leg lifts, plank… etc. Basically the same as yesterday except no shoulders or triceps. I did run 1 km and walk 1. I was so excited that today the track was the other direction. I usually only catch one direction and it was starting to get irritating. 

That’s all for now.


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  1. I literally just finished registering for the Valley Harvest Marathon here in Nova Scotia – solely for the bling. I really didn’t want to run it this year. The first year I did it, I did it for the accomplishment. This year it’s all about what I’m getting in return. You and I are on the same page. :p

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