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Be Back Soon

Hey Everyone,

As those that know me personally will already know, in less than two weeks my family and I will begin our cross country adventure to Alberta.  Yes, that’s right! we are moving home! Thank you military for the awesome posting!

We will arrive around the 22nd of July and then will begin settling into our new home. In the meantime the next two weeks here, are proving to be increasingly busy and chaotic.

So with all this excitement going on, Pickles are Cucumber and documenting my Paleo recipes and adventures will need to take a bit of a break. Don’t worry, As soon as I get settled, I will be back! and hopefully with more ambition than ever.

See you soon!


Save your fruit!!

Did you buy too many bananas? or too many strawberries? or really any fruit? Is it starting to turn and is about to spoil?

In this situation you have really only three choices…

1. Let it go bad and chuck it in the trash. ( least preferable)

2. Gobble it all up. ( not a horrible idea… lol)

3. Cut it up and freeze it for smoothies ( super awesome idea!)

Ever buy frozen fruit from the grocery store? a bag of strawberries is like 6 bucks. If strawberries are on sale, you can get way more for the same price. AND fresher!

So don’t toss out your fruit! Save it! Cut it up! Freeze it! And Blend it up later!



Paleo Ribs

Who doesn’t enjoy a good rack of ribs? exactly. I LOVE ribs, slathered in BBQ sauce, falling apart in my mouth… Mmm.
I spent a while online today trying to find a Paleo BBQ sauce that both looked delicious and I actually had the ingredients to make. No success. But that doesn’t mean that I cant have juicy delicious ribs.
Really its easy peasy, I have lots of spices in my cupboard. Lets make a dry rub!

So, to make my ribs just follow these steps.
1. preheat the oven to 250
2. in a bowl, combine the following spices:

  • 1/2 Tbsp. sea salt
  • 1Tbsp. Chili powder
  • 1 Tbsp. paprika
  • 1 Tbsp. garlic powder
  • 1 Tbsp. onion powder
  • 1 Tbsp. Chipotle powder
  • 2 tsp. ground black pepper

3. Rubs the stuff all over the runs.. toss in the oven… wait about 2 and 3/4 hours and voila YUM!






Home Made Blueberry Muffins

Today I wanted to bake something. I don’t know why… I usually don’t eat anything that I bake…. I think perhaps i just enjoy the baking part. So what could i make?!

Yesterday I got a bunch of free books off Amazon, so i looked through those. Blueberry Muffins…Darcy likes those! so we had a winner!

It was relatively easy. And the recipe, i just got out of an online kindle book called 30 Delicious Paleo Guilt Free Desserts…. I think it might be by someone called Cheerful Chef…. but im not positive. LOL

Darcy told me that they taste different than wheat flour made muffins, but he really liked them… took a bunch to work with him!

So, basically for today, I will just post the recipe below as I took screen shots of it ( the only alteration I made was instead of Ghee, I used melted butter) and a few photos of today’s preparation. Enjoy 🙂









I will admit, that in my paleo journey, I have not sought out grass fed organic meats.  If there is an option to buy hormone free, etc, i will take it. However, i cant usually afford the pricier meats. So although I claim to be paleo… perhaps, I am only sort of paleo.  I do however focus on no grains, no added garbage in my foods. Even with just that, it makes a difference. Have you ever read the ingredients on a box of frozen burgers? There is so much garbage in most of them, you often wonder, how much is actual burger. Why does it need to have wheat filler?  I guarantee that if you went to the supermarket, and unless you make your own burgers, anything you buy in a box will be full of fillers and weird ingredients.

I am a mom, I often find myself lacking in time, energy and motivation to prepare and cook a whole meal from scratch. Sometimes, I just need something easy to fry up and consume so i can keep going with my day.

So i went on a search for a yummy burger. This is when i realized the truth about packaged burgers.  And this is also when I found Bubba Burgers at Costco. I have only ever seen the sweet onion variety, but I hope to find the others someday as well.

These burgers do the trick.  They are gluten Free, and have no hidden ingredients in them. I love my burgers with some char on them, and when i fry it up, add on some cheese and bacon, I don’t even mind not using condiments.

So even tho these are not 100% paleo, they are still a really good alternative to most options out there. Image

I enjoyed my 23g of charred delicious protein… actually I devoured it so quickly tonight that I forgot to take a photo! maybe next time 🙂

Hot Wings… I’m still drooling over these!

Last Monday I made Lemon Pepper Chicken Wings. Today, I was in the mood for spicy.  So, what’s better than hot wings? Not much!

So last time when i made the wings I learned a lesson. line the bottom tray with foil, so you have a bit less scrubbing to do when its time for clean up.


– Toss the chicken onto a wire rack over a lined baking sheet, and toss into a pre heated oven ( 400 degrees F)

– Cook for 20 minutes, turn over and cook another twenty minutes

– in the meantime.. melt a two tablespoons of butter and mix with about a 1/3 cup of franks red hot. ( all depending on how many wings your making… i made 20 with this)

– Once the wings are cooked toss them in the sauce, grab a drink a bunch of napkins and chow down!


These were seriously the easiest and best wings I’ve had in a long time. Why would I want to go out, and spend 20 bucks for this… when I can eat it in the comfort of my own home, for a fraction of the cost, but so much tastier?! I wish I had made more! seriously, they are all I can think about! im just staring at the photo below… and still drooling…


Family Kayaking

Today Darcy, Emelyn and I tried Kayaking in a Tandem kayak.  WOW, its a lot different than kayaking solo.

The main difference is, the person in the front, doesn’t seen to have any control at all. This is where I was sitting. Sure I could help propel us forward… and if I paddled hard enough, I could kind of steer…. pathetically.  Darcy sat in the back seat, he was in control of steering and watching Emelyn. Emelyn didnt really enjoy the experience today. However I think its due to the fact that we pushed her eating time back a little bit, and it was really hot out, which with her PWS… heat and her do not mix at all!

I don’t think I liked Tandem Kayaking, although I did like being out with my family. I think that it would be a little better if Emelyn was a bit older and could understand what was going on and why she had this big frumpy life jacket on. It would also be better if the day was a bit overcast and cooler.  Heat and kayaking don’t mix well.. you are out there int he heat, working upa sweat anyhow… you don’t need to bake as well. 😉

It was a good experience and I cant wait to go kayaking again… next time I would like to leave emelyn out of the equation and just go out with Darcy and let him kayak without worrying about a baby.


Here are some photos from today.


And Yes… Emelyn fell asleep… looks comfy right?


Eating out and Paleo.

When following a paleo diet, I have been noticing that it is so much easier when I cook and prepare my meals at home.  Probably this is due to the fact that I am pretty aware of exactly what is going into my meals, and therefore into my body. 

When traveling, its so hard to know whats in their foods. Soy and wheat are in almost everything. Even a chicken breast for a salad often contains soy…why?!

Today, driving back from P.E.I. we were hungry and had to feed the baby, so we stopped to eat. the only decent place we could find was East Side Marios.  Let me tell you, Its hard to find something paleo in a pasta kitchen style restaurant. First i asked for the Gluten Free Menu. And then I Googled their allergen menu. With the paleo “restrictions” It seemed like we werent going to be able to find anything that full fit. Luckily, I talked to the waitress, who then talked to the kitchen, who then proceeded to talk to the manager and finally went back and talked to the kitchen. What did we talk about? The above mentioned chicken breast and the possibility of getting it without whatever soy marinade or seasoning they use… so I could have it on a salad. Im pleased that they were able to comply…


I think a lot of places are pretty willing to comply with dietary restrictions as long as you talk to them about it. Probably not somewhere like KFC or Taco Bell. But a sit down place, that potentially can serve you REAL FOOD.

Its good to know that I wont starve to death or always have to compromise when I am eating out.

Another night of fail… but at least I learned from it!

Failing has been a common occurrence the last few days.  With Fathers day celebration and our trip out to Prince Edward Island. In this post I just want to point out my failure and my realization.

On PEI, we went to a drive in theatre.  I haven’t been to one for at least 15 years… probably closer to 20.  I think the nostalgia got me to, because when i went up to the canteen for our two free small sodas ( which would also be a fail.. but a much smaller one) This is what I came back with….


Yes.. that is an Extra Large popcorn and some type of candy coated chocolate yumminess(resembling fat smarties, but not as good)

Now… For the first few bites these were very good.  So good in fact that i felt like stuffing it crazily in my face. I didn’t. But I did munch on a good 1/4 of the bag. And shortly I started to not feel very well.  So i did the wise thing. I stopped eating them. Regretting the fact that I even purchased it in the first place.  I had a bag of sliced apples in by bag and opted in eating those for the rest of the movie.  Even Darcy noticed that they didn’t make him feel too great and wished we just stuck to eating our fruit as a snack.

Once we got back to our cabin, I noticed that I had the fist really bad stomach ache I have had since starting my paleo eating.

So my big realization. I shouldn’t consume corn! Perhaps this has been my problem for the last few years?  And sure, popcorn, corn on the cob, and tostitos are so good. But just maybe, I shouldn’t eat something that 1. looks the same going in as it does going out. 2. has been majorly genetically modified. Nothing seems natural about that.

So I think that, even on my paleo cheat nights, I will avoid corn.  The pain and discomfort just isn’t worth it.  Not when I could be cheating with vodka or ice cream!


Lemon Pepper Chicken Wings

I wanted wings a few days ago, but with life being busy I didn’t have time until today to make them. When i went online to find a recipe, I just couldn’t find one that suited me.  so i did the only logical thing…

I made it up as i went along.


I don’t have exact measurements, only estimations because i didn’t measure anything in the making of these wings.

Heat oven to 400

Place chicken wings on a wire rack over top a baking sheet to catch the drippings.

place in oven and cook for 15 minutes, turn and cook another ten minutes.

In the meantime, in a bowl mix the following – pepper, half a lemons worth of juice, some lemon zest just for kicks, and a few tablespoons of melted butter( or your alternative if you aren’t lacto paleo). Mix it all up!

brush it all over your mostly cooked wings and cook for another 5 minutes, turn and brush on the mixture to the other side of the wings and let cook for a few more minutes.

Your wings should be done!


Now if you read my other post, you would know that I feel pretty crappy today, so i only had a few of the wings. They were good. Darcy however ate most of them, and he just kept going on and on about how juicy and tasty they are. He kept asking me if I could make them again exactly the same. So I think i did a good job on these.  WooHoo!

So here is a picture of the wings, I didn’t take more, but really, who wants to look at pictures of raw chicken… the finished product is where its at!