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First Challenge of 2015


I’ve been feeling a bit off lately. I am guessing that it is from the month off of working out as December was a chaotic month, I just needed wanted the extra time in my day to get things done. I spent a lot of the month drinking and eating and not being active at all.

It was about half way through the month when I thought – I really need to get back on track, I need to do another “diet”/eating challenge.  It was then that I decided that for the month of January I would give up drinking alcohol, gluten, junk food ( pop chips candy gum) and fast food.  I have noticed that when I go on these challenges that I always feel so much better – less bloating, more energy and less flatulence (the world is cheering now!)… ( and yes I italicized the word flatulence to make it seem more gassy…everyone farts – don’t judge 😛 )

Its a good thing that I am starting this challenge today. I woke up this morning and stepped on the scale to both check out what weight I was starting this challenge at….. and to see the damage that Christmas had done to me. Seriously, I did so much baking and it was so scrumptious… I just couldn’t stop… I should have.



I am beyond embarrassed and I am motivated to shed these pounds that I don’t need or want! (and hopefully I can work off a few more of that as I have definitely slipped on attaining my weight and/or pant size goals – whichever comes first 😉

With eating better for this month, I am going to resume being active. I am hoping to check out the new rec centre that opened up near my place, as well as I hope I can attend some barre classes as my body misses it!

Now, I was listening to the radio last night and they were talking statistics about New Years resolutions. 45% of people make them and only 8 percent of those people actually keep them. I don’t want to look at this like its a new years resolution. I feel like that would imply that this is something I am just starting, or that based on those statistics something that I am going to fail at. I think that first of all – I am not going to fail… and second, this is not something new that I’m trying to change, its a continuation of my work. Jan 1, 2015 just was a great day to start this challenge – its just a coincidence that it happens to be the start day of so many other peoples new years resolutions.

So for the month of January I will be avoiding gluten, junk food, booze, fast food… and basically just trying to make healthier home cooked meals.  I will also be actively counting my calories  to keep me from going overboard in my eating. I will also try and be active 4 days a week (as I have a few hours  on the days my daughter goes to school). I hope that I can start a good pattern to push me to reaching my goals this year.  I better tie myself to that wagon so I stop falling off!

What changes, challenges or goals do you have planned for 2015?

Good Luck to everyone who is starting a challenge, a new years resolution or a non new years resolution!


What I think about the GM diet

I was surfing around online a few weeks ago and I came across the GM diet on Facebook. I had never heard about it, so I headed over to the Google machine and looked it up. It was developed by the general motors company for its employees (weird, right?)

My first thoughts about the diet were a mix of: “Is this a scam? It looks too good to be true and I think I would be hungry a lot for that week.” I kept looking it up, reading about it.. And I really had a hard time getting past its advertizing that you can lose between 10-17lbs in a week.

I am fully aware that losing weight too quickly is not the right way to go about losing weight. Often rapid weight loss is unhealthy and ends up rebounding you right back to where you were before starting, if not even higher. Slow and steady wins the race.

My intrigue stemmed from the fact that I seem to be stuck in the same 5 lbs range, Its like I just cant crawl over that hump. I had the same problem about 10lbs ago, it took what seemed like forever to get past that hump and into the next “zone”. This seemed like a chance for me to jump the fence into the next zone so I can work in that area instead of struggling to get out of this one.

So, I don’t know if I have been doing it wrong, but I honestly think that this is a horrible “diet”.  I am fairly certain that the only way you lose 10-17lbs in a week is because you are starving yourself to death.

I only made it 3/4 the way into day two.  The first day consisted of eating a bunch of watermelon apples and cantaloupe… oh and raspberries… I was starving all day, tho I will inform you that cantaloupe is more filling than watermelon.  Day two I ate a bag of carrots, and I made the “miracle soup” that they advertize that you can eat in unlimited quantities. It wasn’t bad, but there is only so much soup that you can eat… Oh and I started the day off with a baked potato… I am pretty sure that was the only good thing I’ve eaten in the last two days… and probably only because the diet said i could put a little butter on it.

So in conclusion, I don’t think this is a very good diet/cleanse… at least not for me. I don’t want to starve myself to lose weight, and I don’t think anyone else should either.

I am stepping back from this diet and heading back to reality and am going to take the right way to losing weight.. Real Food and exercise…. and because I’m starving, right now, its going to be more of the real food than anything else 🙂

Lesson Learned.