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An early ending…

So, the last few days have been very chaotic… My daughter started a new therapy program/class, getting the house cleaned ( tho since then it seems like a bomb went off) and packing for our trip tomorrow morning!

With all the excitement, I have decided to stop this months challenge. I went to 24 days, I am stronger than I was at the start of the month, and I lost 8lbs. So I feel as though I accomplished a lot!

I am still planning on avoiding gluten, avoiding excess sugary drinks, and avoiding the consumption of too much junk food. But I am going on vacation, and I would like to be able to relax and not read every package, ask for special GF menu’s in every restaurant… and really, I would just like a drink.

I will see you all again when I am back in two weeks.



Almost half way!

It is February 13th today, and that means that I am one day away from the half way mark in this month long challenge.

Here is an image of what my workout challenge this month entails:

feb challenge

So today consisted of 12 pushups, followed up by 85 leg lifts and finally 130 squats. WHEW! That was enough to exhaust me completely. I am definitely feeling stronger than I was at the beginning of this month!

I am also still partaking in a no sugary drinks, gluten free, no chips, candy and garbage. I will however admit that I did have fries on night with a bun-less burger. I will justify it by saying that although it was deep fried, at least it was gluten free( fried in peanut oil). I do not feel any guilt about my eating choices this month. I think I am doing fantastic. The lesson that I am trying to teach myself is moderation. I can have fries, or a soda, or even some chips… what I can’t have is only  fries, sodas and chips .

So tomorrow is hump day, and I start on the last half of the month, and the last half of this challenge. I hope that its as successful and as rewarding as this first half.



My daughter is a cheeky monkey!

Today is the fifth day of February. I have been strictly following my challenge, and fairly strictly following my healthy eating.  I have to admit, its been a little hard this time around.  I think its because I came off such a lazy junk food bender, that my body is currently going through withdrawals.  Just the though of a soda or a sweet snack is enough to make my mouth start watering.   Even typing this, I am now thinking about licorice and a Dr. Pepper. Nomnomnom.

I haven’t sworn off sweets and snacks forever. I have however challenged myself to a month without them.  I let myself get far too carried away, where instead of picking something healthy to eat on a regular basis, I would , for example, have chips for dinner.  Which, OK once in a while it won’t kill you… But when you make it a regular habit, that’s when a problem has been created. How am I going to get healthy, get fit, and lose weight when I’m wasting all my calories in a can of soda or a package of nibs.

I have been following the schedule of the work out challenge that I mentioned in my last blog post.  Today, my goal was to complete 8 pushups, 45 leg lifts and 70 squats.  I just want to give an example of how cheeky my little daughter is.

Day before yesterday, when I was struggling with my leg lifts, my daughter got down beside me and proceeded to show me up completing I’m sure close to a million leg lifts as i slowly struggled with the 35 I had to do.  Then TODAY, as I was doing my 70 squats, she got down in front of me and each time i got up from a squat she signed “more” to me.  Who needs a personal trainer when I have this little cheeky monkey bossing me around and showing me up. It’s a good thing she is cute!

Speaking of my daughter, I have been noticing a lot of profile pictures changing in the last week or so, all to a similar theme. Finally today, I joined them.  In support of my daughter.



February – A new Month

Last night I had a realization. The realization was that I have really slacked off in caring for my health in the last month and a half… maybe even longer.  I have let bad food choices take over my life, and sugar become a constant. I honestly can’t remember the last time I chose a bottle of water over a soda. I stepped on the scale today and realized that I have regained 5lbs that I have worked so hard to lose. So I need to change, challenge myself to stay on top of this.

Last night I sent the hubby a text telling him that “Tomorrow is a new month and that means I’m starting a new challenge. Please bring home some McDonald’s for a last chance feast of grossness.” He complied perfectly.

Mcdonalds Fan Pack

Please note that I did not eat this all myself. I happily shared, and I didn’t have the cookies, or most of the soda… I feel good about that… which is a plus because I didn’t feel good after I scarfed down ten nuggets and a medium fry.

So, this new month, and starting a new challenge.  I have been racking my brain trying to think of what parameters I am setting to this goal.

Fitness and Food.


  • No sugary drinks
  • No junk food ( deep fried garbage, chips, candy)
  • Avoid Gluten as much as possible
  • Avoid processed foods as much as possible ( which just gave me a pang of sadness as I rememembered the nacho cheese sauce in the fridge that I LOVE… oh well! )


I am going to attempt another fitness challenge.  I know that my last experience with a challenge was less than stellar, I pushed myself into something I was not ready mentally or physically for. This Challenge is less demanding, and I am hopeful that it will wreak havoc on my body and I will get stronger because of it.

feb challenge

Still, looking at the challenge… it is going to give me a run for my money. Good thing I found this for free online. 😉 And even if I cant do 40 push ups or 100 leg lifts by the end, I will still be helping my body by trying to do something. I have also realized that this month has 28 days, and the challenge has 30. So with that, I am either going to skip two days in the middle somewhere to catch up so I end at the end of the month on 30 OR I will end the challenge on the 28th day and have the last two days as a bonus if I feel like doing them.  I haven’t decided yet.

I think that I am going to change one thing about this challenge month.  And that is the frequency of my blogging.  For the past challenges, I felt it was necessary to update every single day. This time around, I am not going to put that stress on myself.  I am doing this month’s challenge strictly for myself, I need to get my health back on track. I will blog about my challenge, or maybe new recipes I am trying, or just about random stuff.  When, what, and how often… who knows?! But I am here, and If you aren’t hearing from me often enough, you can always click the comment section below and send me a message, or many of you are also on my personal Facebook account, as well as my Pickles are Cucumbers Group. I’d love to hear from you, if its just to say hi, or to comment on something I am doing or have said.

So today is Day 1.  Here I go!