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Day…. 24? Where have I been?


So, its been a while since I checked in. Life has been CHAOTIC… and that might be an understatement. As I mentioned previously, my husband is away for training, and I am alone with the kids. No big deal right? Lots of people are single parenting two kids… yeah… I’m failing. I am still working on finding my groove and getting things to fall into a nice routine… I think I am still a while away from that, especially now that school started yesterday. With my daughter, life is about routine… so I have been focusing on trying to get that set up in a way that will best benefit her, and allow her enough time for eating, activities, sleep ( she has asked to go to bed 15 minutes early so she can have more energy for school)… that 15 minutes is right in the middle of our household rush our…. so things are getting rearranged. my 20 month old son – is a whirlwind of screaming energy… seriously – if I could harness either the power of his undying energy… or the power from his ear-piercing screams… I would be super loaded! And after all that is said and done, it’s around 830-9 pm, I havent eaten and I am exhausted.

Basically what I am saying is – holy shit I am tired, when is life going to fall into place?

I have been keeping up with going to the gym. I missed a few days on the weekend due to no time, no childcare, and it was a holiday monday – so no playcare for the kids. But I am doing my stuff, and noticing changes both in inches and on the scale.

I feel that with my crazy schedule with the kids, and the house and actually going to the gym, that perhaps my blog posts need to be the thing that takes the back burner.  I will still post when I can, and rest assured – I am still doing my challenge 🙂 But feel free to leave me a message here, or hit me up at pickles are cucumbers on Facebook.

Till next time here are some photos from the last few days.


The new tree I just got in my front yard…. I miss my old tree. This one is so small….


Emrys and I picking up Emelyn yesterday from her first day of grade 1!


Emelyn colouring with her Granddad!


Emelyn playing with a new toy!


What I would look like with no eyebrows…. yah I know… I still look awesome 😛


Emelyn at her desk putting on her shoes for the first day of Grade 1!


Emelyn sitting nice with her Luna backpack and her brother Emrys with that determined face of someone that’s about to escape! 😛



Emrys play air hockey this past weekend at the YMCA




Day 19

Another day on this challenge. 

I woke up sick today. I tried to cancel the gym today but my daughter insisted we went. I feel like trash. I went and rode the bike as I barely had energy for that. I was super excited to go in the sauna…. I thought ” man that’ll feel good for my sinus”…. yah, I forgot my clothes so that was a flunk. Instead I took the kids to go buy hand soap… haha what an excursion. 

Oh I wanted to share that I managed to get all my iced tea last night! Did I go overboard? I like this kind though! And it’s only 20 calories a drink. That’s a huge win for me since I cannot tolerate artificial sweeteners.

 I whave not be at the gym tomorrow or Sunday as I have a thing tomorrow and Sunday I don’t have child care. But I’ll be back at it on Monday. 

I’ll try and post anyway, but if you don’t see me, I’ll be back for Monday 😉 maybe I’ll get some rest and kick this bug I have!