Day 6 – Better late than never

Todays workout is a little later than normal. It’s saturday and we spent a semi lazy morning hanging out with the kids and making breakfast. We are fortunite to have respite care  mid afternoon to early evening today – So this is our gym time for today.

Today I am taking it easy. I have a 5km race tomorrow morning at 11:30 for the Edmonton Marathon.  I am super duper excited.


I wouldnt say that I am a runner. I run for my workouts… usually 2-3km… sometimes… and I do these races… so I am a runner for bling! if the race has a medal, or a tshirt… or a jacket… Im there! I love getting stuff for doing something. I feel that it makes me more motivated.  Afterall, what would you rather do… run 5km and be rewarded with a Taco ( true story! I did a taco run once!) or would you rather just run.. then be done and thats it? The taco is more enticing and motivating!

Today’s workout conisted of weights, leg lifts, plank… etc. Basically the same as yesterday except no shoulders or triceps. I did run 1 km and walk 1. I was so excited that today the track was the other direction. I usually only catch one direction and it was starting to get irritating. 

That’s all for now.


Day 5 – Just a friday at the gym


Yesterday was a rest day, and although I was only on the bike – I got carried away and watched over an hour of my asian drama. They are only 15-16 minute episodes, and I just kept pressing “play next” sometimes its just hard to stop. I kept my “workout” light by just going at a leisure pace on the bike on minimum resistance. I didn’t work up a sweat, but it was still nice to be a little active in a relaxed atmosphere.

Today I am back on the challenge and I was supposed to do the bike again… however I didn’t look at my sheet and went for a run/walk. I mostly walked today as my sciatic is bothering me a lot and I just didn’t feel like irritating it further.

The rest of my workout included:

  1. Biceps 10×3
  2. Shoulder press  10×3
  3. Triceps  10×3
  4. 15 leg raises
  5. 15 crunches
  6. 15 push-ups
  7. 20 twists
  8. 30 seconds plank
  9. Bosu ball exercises ( about 10 mins of various things)

I skipped out of stretching today… which really was a mistake – I am thinking of getting a foam roller… I think that might help me alleviate some of my leg and sciatic pain. Today its the worst its been in a long time – it feels like it’s cramping into my toes.

One really great things about today that I should mention. Back in May for mother’s day my gym gave me a 2 week plus membership to use whenever iI wanted. I activated it today… so I got to use the fancy change rooms…. I have to bring my swim suit next time to take advantage of the hot tub…. However, I may have noticed that most people do it in the buff…. Is this typical? Maybe I should just forget about the swim suit and join in like everyone else… I honestly am not sure what is normal. What do you think? swim suit or no swim suit? I.m just not sure….


Alright. I guess today’s workout and post is complete! See you tomorrow!


Day 4 Riding the bike for a rest day!

Layout 1

Today is a rest day… However the kids want to go to the gym ( playcare) to play with their friends… who am I to argue? So today I am going to chill out on the bike. It’s a good opportunity for them to socialize with thier peers and a great opportunity for me to get some much-needed self-care mental relaxation time.

One of the reasons I like the bike is because I have an addiction to Asian Dramas. I love watching them, and I use my bike time to watch them as they all have subtitles. Watching them at home is a lot harder because I have two kids that constantly interrupt my show… so I save it for the gym. These shows are great because they are usually between 10-25 episodes and then its over forever. You dont need to follow 10 seasons, you can move on to the next story. No never ending commitments! Its great!

Mischievous Kiss

I picked this image, which I found on google search because I’ve seen two out of the three versions of this drama – the Japanese as well as the Korean… I have to still watch the chinese version! Just need time! ❤

I guess that’s all for now 🙂


Day 3! Withdrawls


Look at this, three days in a row! Not that we should be surprised… I don’t like failing – so I will be here everyday for the next 60… well 57 now!

One thing I always have trouble with when starting these challenges is the detox.

I joke that it’s the vodka withdrawals that really get me, but in all truthfulness, its the sugar. I drink a lot of juice, pop(Pepsi mostly), slurpees, and eat a lot of junk. Its terrible. Sugar is a real addiction – one that’s hard to resist because it’s so good.


For this challenge, I have given up pop and as it stands I am not drinking juice or anything sweetened… its only water for me for right now. Which is not my favourite thing to drink… even with lemon or something in it… it’s just not… sugary. lol. But I am doing it, and I will continue to do it for this challenge.

I am hoping itll only take a few more days for my body to get used to the lack of sugar in it… though I do have some fruit to curb the jitters. LOL. Which is a much better option than a Pepsi… which I would obviously need to add vodka to or something 😛

Ok! So todays workout!

  1.  25 minute run
  2. 6 min cool down walk
  3. Biceps  10×3
  4. Shoulder press 10×3
  5. 12 leg raises
  6. 12 crunches
  7. 12 push-ups
  8. 20 twists
  9. 30 seconds plank

I’m not very fast… but I do my best! Someday I might be faster! 😛

I didn’t have time for stretching or triceps today as I promised my daughter I would take her to IKEA… and that trumps my workout. LOL, If I feel bad about it later – Ill sneak it in somewhere… but I doubt I will feel bad – haha!

Till next time!





Day 2 ! Lets talk Rewards…


So instead of daily starter posts yapping about whatever, and then posting later about my workout, I am just going to do one daily (ideally) post on this. After all, Do you really want me to consume your life that much? If the answer is yes – you should probably be following me on Facebook and Instagram as I usually post there a lot more frequently.

Before I get to my workout, I wanted to talk to you about rewards. I kind of like stuff. But I don’t really want to buy myself something I dont technically need without “earning it”.. but there are a few things I want.

  1. A new pair of Lululemon workout pants (88-98$ depending on if I want crop or full length)
  2. A few items of makeup from Elf Cosmetics ( 25$)
  3. A new sports bra (40$)

Those are just a few things I can think of right now that I want. So, I would like to make those my rewards.


I am trying to think of a fair way to “earn” them.

  • If I was to “earn” them based on days of the challenge completed – I worry that I will half-ass things and do the minimum necessary to justify treating myself.
  • If I was to “earn” these based on inches lost – I think I am not as familiar with measuring as this is my first time I am going to be tracking those things. Also, I am hoping to measure once at the start of the challenge and one at the end.
  • If I was to “earn” based on weight lost, I am hesitantly wondering how many lbs is justifiable for a reward, how much is pushing too far, how do I account for muscle gained?

So I am looking for input. How can I reward myself during this challenge? What is fair? What will keep me motivated to keep going because I LOVE prizes… seriously… I will do anything for loot! Please over the next few days leave me some feedback, and then I will choose a way to give myself stuff… HAHAHA… I am such a dork – but whatever 😛

Alright on to my workout for today! Here’s the skinny(harhar)…

  1. 30 minute recumbent bike
  2. 5 minute cool down
  3. Biceps 10×3
  4. Triceps 10×3
  5. Shoulders – 10×3
  6. Crunches – 10
  7. Plank – 20 seconds
  8. Twist – 15
  9. Leg raises – 10
  10. Push ups – 10
  11. Stretching – 5 minutes


Alrighty! Done for today!


My workout for Day 1

As promised, I am here to share my workout with everyone. My accountability that I actually went and did something and didnt actually hide in my room and sleep all day… even though that would be preferable, I am super exhausted today. But I went, I did, and I succeeded… even though I forgot my workout plan at home 😜

Aren’t my shoes pretty? I seriously love them! 💜


Here is my workout.

At the gym:

  1.  25 minute run
  2. 6 min cool down walk
  3. Biceps 10lbs 10×3
  4. Shoulder press 10lbs 10×3
  5. Triceps 12.5 10×3
  6. Stretching 5 minutes.

Don’t I look amazing after running for 25 minutes… 😜

Time to pick up some heavy stuff!

At home because I forgot my workout page of the stuff I wanted to accomplish ( I googled fitness challenges and then made one up from there adjusting to my needs the run was on the challenge and I remembered how long to go for while at the gym :))

  1. 10 leg raises
  2. 10 crunches
  3. 10 push-ups
  4. 15 twists
  5. 20 seconds plank

Does this seem like a good workout for day 1? I definitely didn’t want to over do it. I didn’t want to push too hard that my motivation for tomorrow would be gone and I would dread my next workout.

I could feel myself struggle today. The weights felt heavy and I felt shaky. It’s been a while since I lifted any weights and I can guess it’ll take me a bit of time to get back into it. But today was only the first day- it will happen- I just have to keep going!

Next workout tomorrow morning!



OK! Day 1! Here we go!


Here it is!

Day One of my 60 day challenge.


I am usually pretty excited about these challenges. I am always all gung-ho and start off with an obscene amount of motivation, determination and energy.

I have to admit to you all, I am a little nervous about this.

This, I believe will be my my longest challenge. Definitely my longest challenge that I will be doing alone, and its going to take some fancy juggling to manage both this challenge, and the kids.  I am a little stressed about finding time to workout with the kids hanging around me all the time. Weekdays will be alright – I am concerned about the weekends… Luckily for most of the time, I have respite on Saturday evenings… so this might help! 🙂

But why worry about something that is still days away! I will find a way to make everything work out – I always do 🙂

Soooooo…… Lets get this started!

Firstly I want to share with you a 3D image I made online using I got to customize it to my features…and size based on my measurements. I feel it still doesn’t really look like me… but close enough! LOL.

3DMyself_Image copy

Now, obviously this isn’t perfect. And I cropped out my current weight as well as my goal weight as I don’t think they are that important or relevant to anyone but myself.  I will mention that it is my “Goal” to loose approximately 26lbs. haha – yes specific , I know! Now, I have no intention of losing this 26 lbs in 6 weeks – Thats crazy talk and not at all healthy.  Maybe by Christmas if I can keep things up after this 60 day challenge.

I haven’t done my workout yet today, but I am leaving shortly to go and do it. There will be another blog post later today, and I will share what I did during my workout.

So, I guess that I will see you all later!