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Day 7 – I’m not going to the gym today.

Today’s workout is not going to follow the typical pattern like it has for the past week.

Today is race day.

I headed downtown today on the train. By myself this time as my daughter has swim lessons. So my awesome husband took her with our son and I went to my race. ( they met me after the race)

The weather was cooler today. Probably around 12 degrees Celsius- if you’re American reading this I think that’s around 55 or something close to there. Chilly. But good for running in because you get hot hot hot when running. Or at least I do. And yes I did.

Today I gave it my all. I didn’t beat any personal records- but I tried my best and gave it everything I had and really that’s what matters.  I don’t know if all the results are in – but as it stands it looks like I came in 189th out of  464 ranked participants and I came in 26th out of 88 ranked participants…. The stats page says a bit different because i believe they are counting people who are registered and maybe didn’t show up? Anyhow- My finally race time is 33:10:00 I am pretty happy with that!

Screen Shot 2017-08-20 at 1.35.27 PM

I’m pretty happy with this race. 😀

This was the best race I’ve ever done for liking the course. Right down Jasper avenue. It’s fairly straight and only two turns midway for about a km. All you had to do was go go go. No thinking.

I don’t usually enjoy my runs- I usually think- ugh what am I doing… am I crazy? Why am I doing this? But today the weather was cooler and I actually enjoyed myself. I think I need a friend next year so I can pace myself better. But that’s a whole year away 😜

So now I’m chilling on the couch vegetating. My whole body is sore… especially my toe that was bleeding when I took my sock off- I guess my nail was jabbing into it for the whole race…. but I couldn’t stop… lol.   Fought through the pain and finished. Priorities hahahah!

That’s enough of a work out for today! Here are some photos from my race day.

My daughter and I sitting in Canada place after my race 🙂

The finish line… I was watching people cross the finish as I waited for my 5km to start.

People gathering at the start line

Waiting for my race to start. There was a lot of people there today!

See you tomorrow!


90 Day Challenge – Day 2

Day 2 – Bikini Body Mommy Challenge (

So we all made it through Day 1 of the challenge and obviously are back for day 2! This is a good sign.. we are still alive! So since the fitness test is complete and we saw our results…. it’s now time we will start working out. This challenge focuses on strength and cardio.  Lets build us some muscles and improve on the results of yesterdays test. 🙂


Always remember if you need larger images to view today’s workout, you can always  refer back to day 1 where all the singular large images are, or if you click the above image, it will open up to a slightly larger image.

How I did today:

My arms and body are surprisingly sore from yesterdays fitness test, especially my chest muscles.  And I will admit to you all right now, that I am not YET strong enough to do normal push ups or the plank, so I am starting out using my knees and will work up from there.  Everyone has to start somewhere, right? Today’s workout was a lot like yesterdays…. except you have to do it three times instead of one. I think I am going to be feeling this tomorrow or later on today!  I have definitely worked up a sweat! Its shower time!

Good Luck everyone and see you tomorrow!