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8/30 and 9/30

I am sick. Today kinda stinks! I did horribly at my workouts. Though better at the second one!!! And really…I did them! That’s what matters! Two classes closer to the end of the challenge!



5/30 – 6/30 and 7/30 sculpt barre challenge!

I forgot to post yesterday. It was a tough workout and I am super sore today…. Not to mention i did yesterday’s class with a sore arm. Darn flu shot- how is it that it can hurt so bad the next day? I couldn’t believe it! It was too hard to use weights in class.

So today I did two back to back classes. Let me tell you! I am ready for a nap. It was great- yet exhausting! But I powered through it and did my best. Shook for two hours today instead of one!







4/30 sculpt barre challenge

Another class complete. Today WAS awesome! I am definitely feeling it this week. Getting sore- I think I’ll have to do some extra stretching. But seriously, today’s workout! So great!



3/30 sculpt barre challenge

What’s with all the red tubes this week… My legs are killing me!

Another class down! 🙂



2/30 sculpt barre challenge

Made it through my second class for the challenge. And I thought I would have Friday off— but plans changed so I booked a 915 class! No rest for me 🙂



And I would like to wish my daughter a happy third birthday! Xoxo


1/30 First day of the Sculpt Barre 30 day challenge!

So, a few weeks ago I posted about starting another challenge. Today was the first day! I have to attend 30 sculpt barre classes in 30 days. Can I do it? I sure hope so!!

Today I attended class number 1. And on a Monday! I never workout Mondays. But my Aunt ( who I workout with twice a week – we are cool like that!) is leaving for the winter, so this was our last class together until the snow disappears… wimp 😉

The owner of the studio was instructing the class today – So I am sure to be hurting tomorrow. She has just returned from NYC with a bunch of new moves for us… We are all feeling the burn! Just proof this all must be working! 🙂

So, 1 down 29 to go!

I can do it!



Oct 17 and the 18th!

I think I messed up my days or something this week… Or forgot to write another day. This week has been crazy. My daughters birthday party is tomorrow and in crazy about trying to make it super awesome and so much stuff from scratch! I’m THAT mom!

Today’s workout was hard… Probably because I am sore from yesterday— like really sore! Then today we were worked hard! You know the saying “hurts so good”? I’m recoining the term to be “hurts so Tracey”

So, I forgot to press publish yesterday. Too busy. My daughters party is going to be spectacular- let’s hope my workout today is as awesome 🙂





Oct 14-15

Yesterday’s workout was killer. I don’t think I have ever been so exhausted! Whew! I made it though! Now I am just waiting for today’s class to start. Our regular instructor isn’t here today. So I think the studio owner is training us…. I bet today is going to be a great workout!… And by great I mean hard 😉





Oct 14

Today was the work off the turkey workout. As I mentioned in my last post, I hurt my back- lucky right? Today was tough and I had to take it easy. But class went by super speedy! A good class! 🙂



Oct 10-11

I forgot yesterday to write! My family is here visiting! And for class today— I had to cancel, sadly I hurt my back as I fumbled for a bag of groceries that were plummeting to the ground as the bag broke…. Groceries saved- 🙂 in trying to rest this weekend and hopefully I’ll be tip top by Tuesday morning . I gotta say tho… Wasn’t I injured last weekend? I hope this isn’t a pattern!!