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First Challenge of 2015


I’ve been feeling a bit off lately. I am guessing that it is from the month off of working out as December was a chaotic month, I just needed wanted the extra time in my day to get things done. I spent a lot of the month drinking and eating and not being active at all.

It was about half way through the month when I thought – I really need to get back on track, I need to do another “diet”/eating challenge.  It was then that I decided that for the month of January I would give up drinking alcohol, gluten, junk food ( pop chips candy gum) and fast food.  I have noticed that when I go on these challenges that I always feel so much better – less bloating, more energy and less flatulence (the world is cheering now!)… ( and yes I italicized the word flatulence to make it seem more gassy…everyone farts – don’t judge 😛 )

Its a good thing that I am starting this challenge today. I woke up this morning and stepped on the scale to both check out what weight I was starting this challenge at….. and to see the damage that Christmas had done to me. Seriously, I did so much baking and it was so scrumptious… I just couldn’t stop… I should have.



I am beyond embarrassed and I am motivated to shed these pounds that I don’t need or want! (and hopefully I can work off a few more of that as I have definitely slipped on attaining my weight and/or pant size goals – whichever comes first 😉

With eating better for this month, I am going to resume being active. I am hoping to check out the new rec centre that opened up near my place, as well as I hope I can attend some barre classes as my body misses it!

Now, I was listening to the radio last night and they were talking statistics about New Years resolutions. 45% of people make them and only 8 percent of those people actually keep them. I don’t want to look at this like its a new years resolution. I feel like that would imply that this is something I am just starting, or that based on those statistics something that I am going to fail at. I think that first of all – I am not going to fail… and second, this is not something new that I’m trying to change, its a continuation of my work. Jan 1, 2015 just was a great day to start this challenge – its just a coincidence that it happens to be the start day of so many other peoples new years resolutions.

So for the month of January I will be avoiding gluten, junk food, booze, fast food… and basically just trying to make healthier home cooked meals.  I will also be actively counting my calories  to keep me from going overboard in my eating. I will also try and be active 4 days a week (as I have a few hours  on the days my daughter goes to school). I hope that I can start a good pattern to push me to reaching my goals this year.  I better tie myself to that wagon so I stop falling off!

What changes, challenges or goals do you have planned for 2015?

Good Luck to everyone who is starting a challenge, a new years resolution or a non new years resolution!


Almost half way!

It is February 13th today, and that means that I am one day away from the half way mark in this month long challenge.

Here is an image of what my workout challenge this month entails:

feb challenge

So today consisted of 12 pushups, followed up by 85 leg lifts and finally 130 squats. WHEW! That was enough to exhaust me completely. I am definitely feeling stronger than I was at the beginning of this month!

I am also still partaking in a no sugary drinks, gluten free, no chips, candy and garbage. I will however admit that I did have fries on night with a bun-less burger. I will justify it by saying that although it was deep fried, at least it was gluten free( fried in peanut oil). I do not feel any guilt about my eating choices this month. I think I am doing fantastic. The lesson that I am trying to teach myself is moderation. I can have fries, or a soda, or even some chips… what I can’t have is only  fries, sodas and chips .

So tomorrow is hump day, and I start on the last half of the month, and the last half of this challenge. I hope that its as successful and as rewarding as this first half.



February – A new Month

Last night I had a realization. The realization was that I have really slacked off in caring for my health in the last month and a half… maybe even longer.  I have let bad food choices take over my life, and sugar become a constant. I honestly can’t remember the last time I chose a bottle of water over a soda. I stepped on the scale today and realized that I have regained 5lbs that I have worked so hard to lose. So I need to change, challenge myself to stay on top of this.

Last night I sent the hubby a text telling him that “Tomorrow is a new month and that means I’m starting a new challenge. Please bring home some McDonald’s for a last chance feast of grossness.” He complied perfectly.

Mcdonalds Fan Pack

Please note that I did not eat this all myself. I happily shared, and I didn’t have the cookies, or most of the soda… I feel good about that… which is a plus because I didn’t feel good after I scarfed down ten nuggets and a medium fry.

So, this new month, and starting a new challenge.  I have been racking my brain trying to think of what parameters I am setting to this goal.

Fitness and Food.


  • No sugary drinks
  • No junk food ( deep fried garbage, chips, candy)
  • Avoid Gluten as much as possible
  • Avoid processed foods as much as possible ( which just gave me a pang of sadness as I rememembered the nacho cheese sauce in the fridge that I LOVE… oh well! )


I am going to attempt another fitness challenge.  I know that my last experience with a challenge was less than stellar, I pushed myself into something I was not ready mentally or physically for. This Challenge is less demanding, and I am hopeful that it will wreak havoc on my body and I will get stronger because of it.

feb challenge

Still, looking at the challenge… it is going to give me a run for my money. Good thing I found this for free online. 😉 And even if I cant do 40 push ups or 100 leg lifts by the end, I will still be helping my body by trying to do something. I have also realized that this month has 28 days, and the challenge has 30. So with that, I am either going to skip two days in the middle somewhere to catch up so I end at the end of the month on 30 OR I will end the challenge on the 28th day and have the last two days as a bonus if I feel like doing them.  I haven’t decided yet.

I think that I am going to change one thing about this challenge month.  And that is the frequency of my blogging.  For the past challenges, I felt it was necessary to update every single day. This time around, I am not going to put that stress on myself.  I am doing this month’s challenge strictly for myself, I need to get my health back on track. I will blog about my challenge, or maybe new recipes I am trying, or just about random stuff.  When, what, and how often… who knows?! But I am here, and If you aren’t hearing from me often enough, you can always click the comment section below and send me a message, or many of you are also on my personal Facebook account, as well as my Pickles are Cucumbers Group. I’d love to hear from you, if its just to say hi, or to comment on something I am doing or have said.

So today is Day 1.  Here I go!



90 Day Challenge – Day 7

Day 7 – Bikini Body Mommy Challenge (

We did it! We made it to the end of our first week!

I think the hardest thing about losing weight, getting fit and sticking to these challenges is coming back tomorrow. If we keep doing that, then we’ve got this!


 Take the day off, spend some time with your friends and/or family on this thanksgiving Sunday!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and see you tomorrow!



90 Day Challenge – Day 6

Day 6 – Bikini Body Mommy Challenge (

I’m still pretty sore from this weeks worth of workouts, and yesterdays was no exception. I really tried to push myself in some area’s where  I knew I could give it just a little bit more than I had been.  I was pretty sure I was dying by the end however.  My last set of squat jumps looked pretty pathetic, but I did them!  And so today we get out and do some cardio…. lets see if I can find my gloves and hat! brr! -4 … I only see it going downhill from here!


How I did today:

I had very little motivation to go today. I slept in, pressed snooze, etc etc. But once I got out there i thought, well that was half the battle.  Today I used some apps with my run. I thought it would help me to track my progress and to see if i ever improve haha!  So i am usi8ng a fitbit, and a mapmyrun app on my iphone.

I just took a moment to set up the fitbit app on this computer… AND when i was trying to sync its data… I learned that i must have pressed something prior to the walk.. because it didn’t record.  drats! However mapmyrun sure did! I ran 4.99km!.. OK I walked some of it, but I think I did A LOT better than last time, At one point the Rocky theme song came on (I use SONGZA for music) and I thought, I better run for this whole song! I pushed and did great, It was also awesome that this song played just as I was getting to my turn around point…. so as I’m running, and over thinking things, I though that was a fairly coincidentally symbolic moment. 🙂

Workout time : 45 minutes and 15 seconds

Distance: 4.99km

Good Luck everyone and see you tomorrow!



90 Day Challenge – Day 5

Day 5 – Bikini Body Mommy Challenge (

remember yesterday when I was complaining about getting finished a list of reps and then having to start over because there are two more sets to do? well this is what is in store for us today…. Part of me wished that I had more energy and I could just write out the workout, then it would look like a list… do you think I could confuse my mind like that? Maybe next time I will try it.


How I did today:

Holy moly, today’s workout was sweat-eriffic! I made a mistake the first set, and forgot the squat jumps, it wasn’t until i got to the second set, and was like… i knew the last set was TOO easy!…so instead of just skipping it and moving on, i did two reps of 20 in the second set. I think besides bur-pees, squat jumps are my least favorite.  But I completed today’s workout.  And its just 930am! now to get on with the rest of the day!

Workout duration: 22:26.83

Good Luck everyone and see you tomorrow!



90 Day Challenge – Day 4

Day 4 – Bikini Body Mommy Challenge (

My body is still aching from yesterday. like seriously, I could barely get out of bed this morning…. I cant remember the last time I ran, it must have been years… I remember yesterday morning as I was running down the road, thinking to myself, how much of this challenge have I completed.  The Answer is 3.333%.  I will most likely consider this everyday… I get motivated by it.  I just think, tomorrow I will be another percent complete!  or I only have X percent left! yes, my life is not that exciting 😛

Today we are back indoors, for a fun filled strength workout. Thank goodness, it was a little chilly yesterday morning!


How I did today:

Although I didn’t enjoy today’s workout, I did enjoy that it was given to me as a list.  1 thru 12, and once finished, I was done! It’s a little bit of a downer when you finish the tasks and then you have to start over for a second or third time. Im sure is psychological, but still. Today i found the workout a bit tough. By the end my legs were shaking so badly that in the middle of a set of reps i would have to stop for 2 or 3 seconds to give me legs a shake. Its like it magically gave me the ability to squeeze in a few more reps.  I am excited for when my body gets used to working out and I can just get it done without feeling sore. I dont mind the working out part, or the sweating, or the shakiness right after proving you worked your butt off, its the days of  hurting that surround the beginning of working out that sucks. Like seriously, when I cough, my stomach muscles hurt… at least its proof they are in there somewhere! 😉

Good Luck everyone and see you tomorrow!