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First Challenge of 2015


I’ve been feeling a bit off lately. I am guessing that it is from the month off of working out as December was a chaotic month, I just needed wanted the extra time in my day to get things done. I spent a lot of the month drinking and eating and not being active at all.

It was about half way through the month when I thought – I really need to get back on track, I need to do another “diet”/eating challenge.  It was then that I decided that for the month of January I would give up drinking alcohol, gluten, junk food ( pop chips candy gum) and fast food.  I have noticed that when I go on these challenges that I always feel so much better – less bloating, more energy and less flatulence (the world is cheering now!)… ( and yes I italicized the word flatulence to make it seem more gassy…everyone farts – don’t judge 😛 )

Its a good thing that I am starting this challenge today. I woke up this morning and stepped on the scale to both check out what weight I was starting this challenge at….. and to see the damage that Christmas had done to me. Seriously, I did so much baking and it was so scrumptious… I just couldn’t stop… I should have.



I am beyond embarrassed and I am motivated to shed these pounds that I don’t need or want! (and hopefully I can work off a few more of that as I have definitely slipped on attaining my weight and/or pant size goals – whichever comes first 😉

With eating better for this month, I am going to resume being active. I am hoping to check out the new rec centre that opened up near my place, as well as I hope I can attend some barre classes as my body misses it!

Now, I was listening to the radio last night and they were talking statistics about New Years resolutions. 45% of people make them and only 8 percent of those people actually keep them. I don’t want to look at this like its a new years resolution. I feel like that would imply that this is something I am just starting, or that based on those statistics something that I am going to fail at. I think that first of all – I am not going to fail… and second, this is not something new that I’m trying to change, its a continuation of my work. Jan 1, 2015 just was a great day to start this challenge – its just a coincidence that it happens to be the start day of so many other peoples new years resolutions.

So for the month of January I will be avoiding gluten, junk food, booze, fast food… and basically just trying to make healthier home cooked meals.  I will also be actively counting my calories  to keep me from going overboard in my eating. I will also try and be active 4 days a week (as I have a few hours  on the days my daughter goes to school). I hope that I can start a good pattern to push me to reaching my goals this year.  I better tie myself to that wagon so I stop falling off!

What changes, challenges or goals do you have planned for 2015?

Good Luck to everyone who is starting a challenge, a new years resolution or a non new years resolution!


Another night of fail… but at least I learned from it!

Failing has been a common occurrence the last few days.  With Fathers day celebration and our trip out to Prince Edward Island. In this post I just want to point out my failure and my realization.

On PEI, we went to a drive in theatre.  I haven’t been to one for at least 15 years… probably closer to 20.  I think the nostalgia got me to, because when i went up to the canteen for our two free small sodas ( which would also be a fail.. but a much smaller one) This is what I came back with….


Yes.. that is an Extra Large popcorn and some type of candy coated chocolate yumminess(resembling fat smarties, but not as good)

Now… For the first few bites these were very good.  So good in fact that i felt like stuffing it crazily in my face. I didn’t. But I did munch on a good 1/4 of the bag. And shortly I started to not feel very well.  So i did the wise thing. I stopped eating them. Regretting the fact that I even purchased it in the first place.  I had a bag of sliced apples in by bag and opted in eating those for the rest of the movie.  Even Darcy noticed that they didn’t make him feel too great and wished we just stuck to eating our fruit as a snack.

Once we got back to our cabin, I noticed that I had the fist really bad stomach ache I have had since starting my paleo eating.

So my big realization. I shouldn’t consume corn! Perhaps this has been my problem for the last few years?  And sure, popcorn, corn on the cob, and tostitos are so good. But just maybe, I shouldn’t eat something that 1. looks the same going in as it does going out. 2. has been majorly genetically modified. Nothing seems natural about that.

So I think that, even on my paleo cheat nights, I will avoid corn.  The pain and discomfort just isn’t worth it.  Not when I could be cheating with vodka or ice cream!


Making My Own Mayo Not The Most Successful Experience

So tonight I wanted to make chicken burgers. well, i was having a bit of trouble thinking of what to use as a condement, since until i learn to make more things, pretty much everything is either too much sugar, has something thats on the no no list, or is basically bad for you. A friend suggested mayo, I think he was reading my mind! I love chicken with mayo.

So my adventure for today, I thought it would be a grand idea to make a chipotle mayo… YUM right? who doesnt love a good chipotle anything… exactly! so i went on the hunt for chipotle seasoning… well let me tell you, i live in the crap hole of the world. i went to two stores and nothing! nothing even chipotle mixed with something… its like it doesn’t exist here. sitting here as I am writing this, I do now think i know what store would have the seasoning… but its too late.

I went a head and set up my ipad with the recipe. got the ingredients and utensils… This is the recipe i used :

Paleo mayonnaise (with cooked egg yolk)

Now, I’m about to be extremely honest with you. I was originally going to take this next paragraph to write about how I followed the direction to a T. I was going to tell you that no matter how long I whisked that fricken egg and oil together, it was doing nothing but moving around looking like egg and oil. I was THEN going to tell you how awesome I am because instead of tossing it, I put it in the food processor and whipped the crap out of it and finally it took on the texture of mayo! I was going to also tell you how proud of myself I was… And then tell you I thought the recipe was a bit too lemony for my liking and I will probably make it a little differently next time.


I’m going to tell you the big truth…. I fricken made it wrong. I don’t know what was going on with my reading skills, but the recipe states – 1 large egg yolk… And somehow I read, 1 large egg white. Well, perhaps that has a big reason why the flavour is totally off.

So this is definitely a recipe that I want to try again, and I will update everyone on whether I think it’s similar in taste or if its way better! I’m hoping for the latter.

Here are the photos from the preparation of my failed mayo….I guess on the bright side, it was edible and less calories…. With that much oil tho… Doesn’t make a difference! Haha.