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Watermelon Refresher!

So I was looking in my fridge earlier, trying to think of something I wanted… You know that time where you are just standing there, letting all the cold air out… everything in the fridge just looks boring and nothing seems appealing? Today is one of those days…

Then I saw it. The watermelon I bought for my daughter. Well, I hardly think she is going to eat it up before it goes bad… so I’m taking it! I don’t know why I feel so sly… its not like I’m stealing food from her… lol


  • Watermelon (2-3 cups)
  • lime (1)
  • Ice ( about 10)


  1. Chop up your watermelon into blend-able chunks and toss into blender.
  2. squeeze in the juice from your lime
  3. add in some ice cubes


The only thing you need to make sure of is to make sure your watermelon chunks are smaller, if you blender is crap like mine…. if you have a super awesome magic blender, then its probably not a concern.

This literally takes less than 5 minutes to make… and it is perfect for a hot summery day! or a day that you just want to pretend is hot and summery… 😉



Coconut oil

I am not… And have never been a fan of coconut. Sure, I like the body spray tropic scent…. Reminds me of summer time and vacations… But even I can only handle so much of that.

Since starting a more paleo style of eating, I keep seeing coconut in everything. So I went out and bought some coconut oil from balk barn. I tried to use it a few times, but the smell was overwhelming to me. So much so that I couldn’t… Perhaps just wouldn’t eat the food it was cooked with. I’m a fairly picky eater, and even if the food is fine, if I somehow get it in my head that something is wrong, or I might not like it… I just cannot eat it.

Yesterday I bought some different coconut oil. The thing that really sold me was that it claimed to be aroma free. I was definitely curious. How could it not have a smell? So tonight I used it! And it’s true to its word! I can’t smell a thing, no taste either. So, I think I jut found my olive oil replacement for cooking.


Making My Own Mayo Not The Most Successful Experience

So tonight I wanted to make chicken burgers. well, i was having a bit of trouble thinking of what to use as a condement, since until i learn to make more things, pretty much everything is either too much sugar, has something thats on the no no list, or is basically bad for you. A friend suggested mayo, I think he was reading my mind! I love chicken with mayo.

So my adventure for today, I thought it would be a grand idea to make a chipotle mayo… YUM right? who doesnt love a good chipotle anything… exactly! so i went on the hunt for chipotle seasoning… well let me tell you, i live in the crap hole of the world. i went to two stores and nothing! nothing even chipotle mixed with something… its like it doesn’t exist here. sitting here as I am writing this, I do now think i know what store would have the seasoning… but its too late.

I went a head and set up my ipad with the recipe. got the ingredients and utensils… This is the recipe i used :

Paleo mayonnaise (with cooked egg yolk)

Now, I’m about to be extremely honest with you. I was originally going to take this next paragraph to write about how I followed the direction to a T. I was going to tell you that no matter how long I whisked that fricken egg and oil together, it was doing nothing but moving around looking like egg and oil. I was THEN going to tell you how awesome I am because instead of tossing it, I put it in the food processor and whipped the crap out of it and finally it took on the texture of mayo! I was going to also tell you how proud of myself I was… And then tell you I thought the recipe was a bit too lemony for my liking and I will probably make it a little differently next time.


I’m going to tell you the big truth…. I fricken made it wrong. I don’t know what was going on with my reading skills, but the recipe states – 1 large egg yolk… And somehow I read, 1 large egg white. Well, perhaps that has a big reason why the flavour is totally off.

So this is definitely a recipe that I want to try again, and I will update everyone on whether I think it’s similar in taste or if its way better! I’m hoping for the latter.

Here are the photos from the preparation of my failed mayo….I guess on the bright side, it was edible and less calories…. With that much oil tho… Doesn’t make a difference! Haha.