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I scream…You scream… We all scream for KETCHUP!

It would be easy to say that ketchup is my most favourite condiment. I’m pretty sure if it was legal I would marry ketchup. I love it that much! And how could you not love it? It can go on practically everything. With going paleo, I have learned that ketchup is basically red sugar. That’s probably why it TASTES SO GOOD!

Well since I can’t eat regular ketchup anymore, there is only one solution… Make some!

So I found a recipe online.

Ryan Wilder’s Wicked Easy Paleo Ketchup

Now I didn’t follow the recipe exactly. I didn’t want to make so much ketchup… What if it was crap?! Lol.

I made half a batch and I changed the vinegar to lemon juice because I guess I’m all out. LOL.

It’s not sweet at all like ketchup, and the texture isn’t as smooth. But you can taste the tomato and it is good!

My Hunny doesn’t really like ketchup… So I thought, maybe I can change his mind. So I added some spicy sauce and some chipotle. Spicy chipotle ketchup… How come someone not like that. I haven’t tried it yet, I’m waiting till he does! We will see.

Here are some pictures from the preparation.