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Going to the market…

I was online the other day (as I usually am) and I saw an advertisement for my town. Sunday family market. I was excited. One of the things I have been wanting to do and haven’t ever really done is go to the market. With the new found Paleo lifestyle, I figured that a market would be a good place to source out some natural products, some fresh vegetables, maybe someone even had some things that would be Paleo friendly and tasty that I had not even considered.

I asked a friend to go with me, since its always fun to go with someone to outings like these. She picked me up and we went to the market. I walked in expecting to see veggies, maybe some meat vendors, who knows what else. What I walked in to find was Avon, two or three diet food vendors, jewelry, soap, adult passion party faire, one cupcake stand and finally one lady who was sold out of arm fresh eggs, only had a bit of frozen chicken,maple syrup, and some not so nice looking rhubarb.

To say I was disappointed would be a understatement. I feel that the idea of what a market should be is lost to most people. Perhaps they should rename the event to the ” We are random reps trying a work from home and sell crap business and need to confuse people into coming to an event so maybe they will buy something”. That introduction might be a little long, but it’s at least honest.

Now, I hear that there is an ACTUAL MARKET in the city every weekend (maybe just Saturday, I will have to check). I have higher hopes for this one. So next Saturday, bright and early I will pack up the baby, shove my fiancé in the car, and we will go check out the city market!