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90 Day Challenge – Day 2

Day 2 – Bikini Body Mommy Challenge (

So we all made it through Day 1 of the challenge and obviously are back for day 2! This is a good sign.. we are still alive! So since the fitness test is complete and we saw our results…. it’s now time we will start working out. This challenge focuses on strength and cardio.  Lets build us some muscles and improve on the results of yesterdays test. 🙂


Always remember if you need larger images to view today’s workout, you can always  refer back to day 1 where all the singular large images are, or if you click the above image, it will open up to a slightly larger image.

How I did today:

My arms and body are surprisingly sore from yesterdays fitness test, especially my chest muscles.  And I will admit to you all right now, that I am not YET strong enough to do normal push ups or the plank, so I am starting out using my knees and will work up from there.  Everyone has to start somewhere, right? Today’s workout was a lot like yesterdays…. except you have to do it three times instead of one. I think I am going to be feeling this tomorrow or later on today!  I have definitely worked up a sweat! Its shower time!

Good Luck everyone and see you tomorrow!