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Banana Bread success or failure?

Ive been meaning for a few days to make some Paleo Banana Bread.  I have had the ingredients all ready, but life, as crazy as it is, i just hadnt the time until today.

I searched through recipes, and finally chose one based on the picture. HAHA, yes, very scientific.

The recipe is very easy to make, took like 2 minutes to toss it all together and into the oven. While it was cooking, the smell in the house was unbelievable. I was almost going crazy smelling it. I wanted to rip open the oven and devour its contents.

Finally I checked the bread with a toothpick and supposedly it was done.

The top was golden brown, the smell was tantalizing, I cut into it and the knife just slid through the bread.

I dished up some of the bread for both Darcy and myself. He really enjoyed his… i however had a bit of an issue. The texture was a bit too soggy.  I had cooked it enough, or so i assumed because I followed the directions on the recipe. in attempts to “dry” the bread out, I tossed it in a pan and fried it. it didn’t really work.

The flavor of this bread is really good. And this recipe is one that I think I could tweak and perhaps make better with a better consistency.

Anyhow, I guess here are some pictures from today’s preparations.

20130612-165842.jpg 20130612-165848.jpg 20130612-165854.jpg 20130612-165859.jpg 20130612-165905.jpg 20130612-165910.jpg 20130612-165952.jpg 20130612-165942.jpg