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4/20 December Blog Challenge: What Is In My Purse?

I’ve been thinking about this post for the last couple days. I have been out Christmas shopping, and Christmas party shopping, And I have a kid… so usually my purse has a load of random stuff in it. I did take out all the random receipts out of my purse last night, There were probably twenty loose receipts and shopping lists…

Alright, I just dumped out my purse on the bed… Lets see what we got!



Wow, OK. No kids stuff! I have to admit that is pretty rare and awesome… and won’t last long!

I do however have:

  • 4 pens… because obviously I need those!
  • A wallet, and loose change that I am too lazy to put into the wallet… Actually If I opened my wallet you would see that it is stuffed full of cards and cards.. and more cards… There isn’t a lot of room to add anything else… otherwise it might not close.
  • Mitts because its winter and I live in Canada!
  • Dental Floss because you never know when something is going to get stuck in your teeth or you need to tie something up 😛
  • Two chap sticks because what if you lose one! I could never be with out it
  • My sunglasses – they are a necessity that I cannot live without.
  • A protein bar and some candy in case I get hungry… because if I get hangry ( angry and hungry) you better watch out!
  • Deodorant in case I forget to put it on at home because I don’t want to stink!
  • A little bottle of lotion that I have never used….
  • A note that I wrote a few weeks ago about a medical appointment for my daughter.
  • And finally… in the center of those pens ( yes I made it so they were all pointing to it…. the crumbs from the bottom of my purse… they are unrecognizable… it was probably something yummy.

So there you have it… the contents of my purse… Usually there is a lot more in there… I am a total purse slob at times… once I forgot a doughnut in there for two days… gross!


**My fiance came in just as I was finishing this up and i asked him if he could toss everything back into my purse…. He did such a fantastic job that those crumbs that I mentioned…. are also back in my purse… Thanks dear…  LOL!