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3/20 December Blog Challenge: Favourite and Least Favourite Foods.

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Ah, a topic that will probably make me hungry just writing it.  I really love eating. Most food is so delicious, sometimes I wish that I could just keep tasting good food, without actually having to eat it – feel extremely full and possibly gaining weight. But then again… Texture and consistency is really important too… The flavour can be great.. but if something isnt the right texture in your mouth… the yummiest thing can be totally gross.

Today I am sharing a list of a few of my most favourite and least favourite things to eat.

I will start with my dislikes… Many people will tell you that I am a very very picky eater. And yeah, OK! Ill give you that to a point. I am picky, I don’t like a lot of the things that I try…. That’s right – I TRY. Most picky eaters I know, eat only their certain things and wont try anything else. I will try everything at least once. I probably won’t like it – but if I don’t give it a try, how do I know that I am not missing out on my next favourite food?!


  • Mustard – It is just gross!
  • Fish – I used to really like fish… I don’t know what happened, but now I just cant stand it 😦
  • Peppers – It’s both the texture and flavour on this one.
  • Weird Cheeses – They creep me out, especially blue cheese. This one I haven’t tried… i just can’t eat mold I can see.
  • Mushrooms – besides the fact that its fungus… the texture is so not welcoming in my mouth.
  • Kale and Spinach – I will eat these, sometimes you just have to. I don’t like the flavour/texture… but if you sop enough dressing and stuff on them, they are easily consumed.

My most favorite foods…. Sometimes I think about if I could only eat one meal forever – what would it be… or my last meal? It would have to be bird and potatoes…. And I am fairly convinced that will include – but not limited to: Turkey dinners, chicken and mashed potatoes, turkey bacon and hash browns… and my favourite: Chicken nuggets and french fries. Besides my unrelenting love for bird and spuds here are a few more…


  • Junk Food – pop, chips, candy… ice cream!
  • Rice – This is a food that I spent the first 18 years of my life hating. Then one day I tried some fried rice and loved it… and then a while after that I tried white rice with soya-sauce… and now I love it even if its just plain.
  • Mexican- Tacos, Enchiladas ,Quesadilla.. tostitos – nomnomnom!!
  • Spaghetti – Baked with cheese… my fav is eating it the next day on toast!
  • Sheppard’s Pie – I haven’t had this for a long time… I love it with a piece of buttered bread!
  • potato bacon chowder or tomato soup with lots of pepper and crackers – NOMNOMNOM!
  • Bacon – This is meat candy!

Oh my! I need to stop, my mind is now racing thinking about all of these foods ( and I just noticed that nothing on there is really healthy… meh) and how tasty they would be in my mouth. There are more things that I really like and possibly really dislike, I should have started thinking about them days ago instead of sitting down at 730 am and expecting my tired brain to think of things. Oh well, there is only so much anyone else actually cares about knowing what I do and do not like to eat…. And maybe this has made you hungry too?


2/20 December Blog Challenge: 10 Random Facts about Me.

Alright! I am onto the second post of the challenge!! This time I am going to tell you 10 random facts about me…

Here we go!


1.  I am a Trekkie.  I have been my entire life. I think the only series I didn’t watch was Enterprise. But I had t-shirts, Mugs, action figures, the Enterprise itself, a transporter…. I even had Star Trek wrapping paper.

2.  I often dream that I am flying, and the technique I use to fly is the breaststroke. I must have a secret love of swimming…. to confirm this, please read the next random fact.

3.  I held a city swim record for 13 years in freestyle. I checked online every year after I graduated like a crazy creeper to see if my name was still on the list. I am super happy that I lasted 13 years… and was super disappointed when my name vanished from the list.

4.  I get easily overwhelmed in crowds and busy social settings. So much so that even before I enter “said” situation, I have to really make myself step forward and not turn around and head the other direction.  My fiance jokes and tells me I have a social quota that I need to fill… Otherwise it would be so easy for me to hole up in seclusion at home.  It’s not that I don’t want to see the people, or do the activity.. Because I do! I guess its kind of hard to explain! 😦

5.  I have 6 metal plates in my face from jaw surgery in 2007… I also have not regained all the feeling in my face from the surgery – Most of it…. but not all.  I was a little disappointed the first time i traveled afterwords when the airport scanner didn’t beep.

6.  I love cartoons, mostly Disney… Lion King is awesome…I have watched Tangled hundreds of times, and Frozen I went to the theatre 3 times – Yes I brought my daughter with me, but thats only because of convenience. LOL. I also enjoy my daughters shows, I am amazed with how clever they are these days! It’s not like when i was a kid, now they have good story lines, jokes to keep adults entertained and are always teaching some kind of lesson. Falling into the same catagory, even tho they are two separate entities, I also love Anime – Sailor Moon being my ultimate all time favorite. It was really the anime that got me into so many others. It really brought me into a whole new world.

7.  I can find pretty much anything online. If you need to know something and can at least give me a few hints – I can usually find it. My fiance is always bragging about this talent of mine! He usually references this time he said he watched an anime as a kid but couldn’t remember what it was called… all he told me was there were robots who couldn’t drink milk. Its “Galaxy Express 999” in case you were wondering! I think I just love solving mysteries…

8.  I have a super addiction to junk food.  Even with all my fitness stuff and trying to be healthy… I have a hard time controlling myself. In my early 20’s I had a drawer full of candy… It was right by my bed. I like almost every kind of junk – chips, candy, soda pop, chocolate bars, you name it! And since I am being honest here… I am currently munching on a bag of sour cream and onion chips…. in bed… ( sorry dear if there are a few crumbs… I tried to pick most of them up……)

9.  I used to be a smoker. I quit the week I found out I was pregnant. I tried quitting a few times before that, but I really enjoyed smoking, so there wasn’t enough motivation.  Its crazy how motivating a little barely there life can be! I used to miss it, and sometimes  I still do… But I couldn’t imagine myself smoking again… It’s a good addiction to kick!

10.  I got my belly button pierced when I was… I think 19. I was so afraid to get it done that I thought about it and contemplated and imagined what the pain would be for a month before i got up the nerve to go and do it… even then I stood outside the store for a while before going in. I went alone… probably because I was still worried that I would chicken out. But, I did it and honestly it barely hurt. I couldn’t believe I was so scared. 13 years or so later and honestly, I barely even remember that its there.

So now you know 10 more things about me. 🙂


1/20 December Blog Challenge : Introduction and Recent Photo




I have been sitting here for a while contemplating on how I should start my introduction. Formal or more friendly… or somewhere in between. And really… What should I tell you about myself… I can honestly tell you that I just Googled it. Google has the answers to everything, right? …

Actually that’s too much reading, so lets just wing it!

This photo is a selfie I took earlier today while running errands with the family. Im from Canada... It's really cold here!

This photo is a selfie I took earlier today while running errands with the family. Im from Canada… It’s really cold here!

Hi, My name is Miranda ( I usually sign my name on my blogs as Mira…Why? I think I might just be too lazy to type the last three letters of my name).  I am a 32 year old engaged ( to a super amazing guy) stay at home mom to one super amazing daughter who has special needs (Prader Willi Syndrome). I am also a hobby blogger. My two main blogs are this one, and Fight the HUNGER – a blog to help raise awareness about my daughters rare genetic disorder.

I enjoy fitness (obviously, since this blog has mostly been fitness challenges, LOL), blogging, gaming (World of Warcraft), social media, watching movies, baking, cooking, and eating my baking and cooking!

My life mostly revolves around my daughter. She has, in these past three shorts years, become a big part of my identity. Sometimes, when I am out without her, I feel lost… like a piece of me is missing. She really completed our family. I couldn’t imagine my life any different, and to be honest, I barely remember life before We became three. I am ok with that!

I am pretty sure that you will get to know me better by the end of this challenge, so as to not give away too much information to quickly, I will see you all on my next post!


December Challenge… Changing it up.


For the previous challenges I have focused on fitness. While fitness is still my goal ( I’m brainstorming my next challenge already!) I wanted to take a bit of a fitness break and change things up a bit. So with this I thought, what about a blog challenge.

I have decided to do a 20 posts in December Blog Challenge. These posts could come days apart, or there could be two in one day – it all depends if I figure out what to write or not. I don’t want to force myself to commit to a new post everyday, hence why I am only doing 20 in 30 not 30 in 30. Hopefully this challenge will provide some insight about who I am, as well as let me express myself a bit differently.

If you are curious about the topics that I will write about this month, here they are:

20 posts in 30 Days Blog Challenge
1. Intro and recent photo.
2. 10 random facts about me.
3. Favourite and least favourite foods.
4. Whats in my purse?
5. A list of all the places I have lived.
6. If I could have one superpower.
7. If I won the lottery.
8. Where I have traveled.
9. Doodle something… anything.
10. An old photo of me.
11. What I collect.
12. The meaning behind my blog name.
13. My fears.
14. What are three of my proudest moments.
15. A difficult time in my life.
16. What can I not live without?
17. My dream job.
18. A letter to someone.
19. What I hope to be remembered for
20. Why do I blog?

I hope everyone enjoys this months challenge.