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Day 14 – no time.


Today marks the first day of7 weeks where I will be alone with the kids. My husband left this morning for his military training course. I would like to say that I will have time to go to the gym most days, but the weekends are pretty difficult, especially Sundays… I did go to the YMCA this morning, however it was because my daughter had her swimming lessons. I realized today that the next two Sundays, lessons are canceled. Its pool cleaning season I guess. 😛

ALthough I am not working out at the gym today, I am going to TRY and squeeze in some of my workout – BUt I am also starting to organize the house… starting with my closet and hopefully over the next 7 weeks moving through the house and into the basement. Lets see how long this motivation lasts. My house could use some TLC in the organizing department. It gets done about once a year or so… but some areas don’t get too organized… like the shelves and bins downstairs…. once again, lets see how long my motivation lasts LOL. I’m starting at the top of the house and will head downwards… probably because I’m dreading the basement…

Ok! That’s today! See you tomorrow



Day 13- Day after a lot of food….

So yesterday was a full day off. I did no working out at all. Yesterday was great.

I still got some killer steps in…. even though I left my tracker at home – the husband and I went out for dinner, walked around Whyte Avenue, enjoyed the fringe and I even went on my first high level streetcar ride…. it also helped that we parked hella far away from everything because we originally were going to try this East Indian restaurant that we had a gift card for…. it was closed.


I was super excited to try this place…. next time!

Dinner was amazing. We walked to the King and I on Whyte Avenue. I just love this place, I usually go with my Aunt and Uncle and my uncle does the ordering… so last night I had to call them to ask what my favourite dish was. OMG It was AMAZING. I didn’t count a single calorie. I just didn’t care last night. I had water with dinner instead of a soda or cocktail so I felt completely justified in eating probably the equivalent of two heaping cups of coconut rice and many seconds and thirds of the Panang Kai ( my favourite!)


The Husband and I are at the King and I for dinner ❤


Beef Satay, Coconut Rice and Panang Kai…. So good.. this is helping 1 of 3….



Seriously we demolished dinner… I was so stuffed, but I enjoyed this SOOOOO MUCH!



After dinner we walked back towards the fringe and I stopped in a few shops to look around. Man, I love looking at stuff… I found this one shop that had these paintings/prints on display. Take a look at this artists stuff, I just love it! ( I couldn’t take pictures in the store – so I googled some images for you to look at). If you like her work – Here is a link to her website!

At the fringe we stopped and watched a contortionist. She was called Bendy [EM] and she was a british lady from Australia. She was pretty funny and entertaining and she fit into this tiny box! An awesome show!

The lady was in this box… can you see her? She also has a soccer ball in there with her….
After we looked around at some vendors and spotted the street car! It was leaving in 3 minutes! I had NEVER BEEN on it before! WE bought our tickets. It was awesome!  I took some nice photos of the river and the buildings downtown. Now I can say that I finally rode the high level street car!



Our tickets, aren’t they cute?


The husband posing in front of the train… ❤


The sunset over the north Saskatchewan river.


The new bridge… the new Walterdale I think? I’m terrible with names…. but it looks nice eh!


A football game happening and the Kinsmen Sport Centre…. i took this photo because… well just look at that super low cloud… I’m higher than it is! 😛


And there’s me, standing in front of the streetcar. I’m such a tourist in my own city 😛


Afterwards we walked around the fringe for a bit more, looked at some vendors and saw some friends of ours, and chatted a while.  After all of this we were pretty done for the day. Both exhausted and ready to go home.

I fell asleep pretty fast and hard last night. I’m sorry to my husband that got up multiple multiple multiple times last night with not one… but both kids.. I heard nothing… till the morning.

Man, Today was a tough day to get up. A slow day to get up. I wrote half this post before I even went to the gym… which I didn’t get to till after lunch because I played video games with my daughter, chilled out and had brunch with the famjam and just didn’t rush into anything.

But not to worry! I did get to workout. I just didn’t go to the gym. The time just wasnt there today. I still have stuff I want to do with the fam jam, and errands to run later. I did my workout on the floor beside my bed.This was just a lot easier. But let me tell you, the carpet in my room is scratchy and not too comfortable. I much prefer the gym, but its nice that most of what I do is easy to do at home as well. I just didn’t get in a bike or run… but maybe if I get ambitious ill do it later… haha… I doubt it. Theres always tomorrow!



Day 12- day off! 

I went to bed early last night and have a big day today. It’s alreAdy had an awesome meeting with my daughters school today! Which makes me super super happy…

Anyhow. I’m posting this to say I’m taking a day off.  See you all tomorrow! 

Day 11- I really didnt want to….

Another day of the challenge. Man, I feel like I am in a bit of a rut. I might just be extra tired. Today it took EVERYTHING… and I mean EVERYTHING i had just to go to the gym, let alone work out.

My motivation was shit… so I went on the bike and watched an hour of TV. Then I was contemplating going to do my weights… and I finally convinced myself to go and do them…. THEN my phone rang and I had to talk to my daughters school for a few minutes. MOtivation gone. So I almost left. I was already in the locker room sitting at my locker while taking the call… It took a whole new level of convincing to get my ass back up and out there – I went and I completed my workout. Did I do amazing? No. But I did it! I completed it and now I am at home, exhausted and barely motivated to move.

What do you do to keep yourself motivated and moving forward? What do you do on those days where your brain is trying to convince you to get back into bed? Send me your tips! I could really use them!


Day 10 – I need help


Yesterday evening was busy. I picked the daughter up from camp at about 4:40 and got home at 5… Made Emelyn one of her premade meals, and fed Emrys some baby food something or another… then it was time to clean up, bath Emrys, give him a bottle – get him to bed – then start Emelyn’s bed time routine – got her a snack, got her changed and teeth brushed, got her her supplements and gave her her injection, got her snuggled into bed, started some laundry, got a phone call that lasted 45 minutes, got Emrys because he was awake and terrorizing his bed… he pulled all the sheets off and was being a crazy pants… fed him another bottle – he happily went to sleep…. Now I had a moment to sit and realize I hadn’t eaten and was starving….  I didn’t want to cook. What was i going to make – i didn’t make a plan, I didnt take anything out from the freezer….. So I made myself frozen chicken strips from the freezer… 290 calories for 3…. I ate 6… with some McDonald’s sauce i had stashed in the fridge….

I need help.

I need quick and easy meal ideas. I need good food suggestions that will prevent me from making bad choices… So if any of my readers have any no fail, easy dishes – let me hear your suggestions. My only request is that they be chicken/turkey dishes as that’s the only meat we have in the house usually.

I also went to the gym today. I barely made it there. I did NOT want to go at all. I felt like garbage and I just had no motivation. So I rode the bike and watched a Chinese Drama… I yawned and stretched the entire time.. I just can’t kick the tired feeling today. Maybe it was those chicken fingers? LOL. Or maybe I just need to go to bed earlier.

Anyhow.. tomorrow is another day! I’ve got this… I hope!


Day 9- I went in the hot tub…

Layout 1

So today is day 9. After I did a 2.5km run and a 15 min walk…. and after I did a few other things like plank, twists, leg lifts, crunches…. I realized it was rest day… haha so I stopped… went to the members plus room and chilled out.

I utilized their hot tub today too… had a nice bath with a stranger. And it would appear that in the buff is the norm… like 100%. So when in Rome. It’s a good thing I am not shy… even thought I feel that my body isn’t in very good shape… but I figure if I’m not worried, why would anyone else be?

Today is a short post, I’m watching Game of thrones and chilling out this afternoon on the couch. It is rest day after all.


Day 8 – Ran out of time


Wow! I don’t know what happened to me yesterday. I usually run 2-3km then do a workout afterwards. Yesterdays 5km race – completely wiped me out. When I got home, I made the mistake of sitting down for a bit… and then it hit me… everything hurt…. and then I proceeded to have a 2 hour nap. I was seriously spent. But when I woke up I felt a thousand times better.

I just can’t get over how much I enjoyed yesterdays race. I keep mentioning how excited I am to do it next year…and I cant wait for my next race… the next one I am signed up for is in october…. but I might look and see if I can sign up for one in september. Even with Darcy gone, I should be able to find someone to help me out with the kids one morning. ( hint hint if any family is reading this post)


My medal from yesterday. It’s definitly one of my favorites. ❤

Today my daughter started her last week of summer camp. I dropped her off this morning… and the good thing about her camp is that it’s also at the YMCA – so I then proceeded to drop my son off for his playcare time with his friends ( seriously – a ymca membership is amazing…free childcare for 2 hours!) and I headed upstairs for my workout.

I rode the bike today. For an hour. I was really into my show and I couldn’t stop! It’s a read addiction!

Plus I did a whole bunch of extra stuff…

  1. leg lifts
  2. plank
  3. crunches
  4. push ups
  5. triceps
  6. biceps
  7. shoulders
  8. standing side abs ( I don’t know what it’s called)
  9. twists

hmm… I think that might be all. But it was a good workout. I felt good. Actually I wanted to keep going – and I would have if I hadn’t looked down to see what time it was and realized that I had 5 minutes to clean up, grab my things and head downstairs to pick up my son. I utilized the full 2 hours and totally ran out of time to do a few more things I had in my mind to do… but there is always tomorrow!