Day 19

Another day on this challenge. 

I woke up sick today. I tried to cancel the gym today but my daughter insisted we went. I feel like trash. I went and rode the bike as I barely had energy for that. I was super excited to go in the sauna…. I thought ” man that’ll feel good for my sinus”…. yah, I forgot my clothes so that was a flunk. Instead I took the kids to go buy hand soap… haha what an excursion. 

Oh I wanted to share that I managed to get all my iced tea last night! Did I go overboard? I like this kind though! And it’s only 20 calories a drink. That’s a huge win for me since I cannot tolerate artificial sweeteners.

 I whave not be at the gym tomorrow or Sunday as I have a thing tomorrow and Sunday I don’t have child care. But I’ll be back at it on Monday. 

I’ll try and post anyway, but if you don’t see me, I’ll be back for Monday 😉 maybe I’ll get some rest and kick this bug I have! 

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