Day 18 – We played hookie


Today I called in and canceled the gym. I mentioned all the errands we had been putting off all week to my daughter and she was ok with us going to do those instead…. probably because I told her that I was going to buy her a grade 1 work book ( she is in love with workbooks!).

So we got ready this morning… slowly! And at 940 we headed off onto our errands… We went to Co-op, Costco, Bulk Barn, Superstore, Canadian Tire and The Source. It took us THREE HOURS. I was hoping for 2. But my kids are like molasses. I also spent a lot of time carrying AND chasing my 19 month old son. It was totally a gong show. Emelyn was super good, Emrys was a terror…

So even though I did not go to the gym…. Today was one hell of an arm workout, I must have overdressed as well because man oh man, I was drenched in sweat by the time I got home. My feet hurt and I am super exhausted…. And I have to run out to another Costco possibly later on tonight. Solo parenting is hard… solo parenting while on a challenge that includes no drinking… even harder. Today would have been a nice day for an ice-cold vodka beverage!

Anyhow! That’s my today, see you tomorrow!


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