Day 17 – exhausted


So its day 4 with broken sleep because my 19month old doesn’t sleep, and my 5 year old keeps coming into bed with me. My husband is gone, so I am doing double duty… haha I said duty.

Anyhow, I wanted to cancel going to the gym today, but my daughter said ” mommmmm I really want to go!!”… OK! We went to the gym… but my motivation was super lacking, and it was even smaller when we got there because I forgot my purse that had my wireless bluetooth headphones in them… luckily i have a spare of wired ear buds in my bag for a back up.

I have to admit – although I rode the bike for 70 minutes… my try meter was pretty low, I just coasted along as I watched. Though I did do enough that I managed a cramp in my butt/sciatic… that was nice…

Anyhow, that was enough for me, maybe I will get more sleep tonight…

I can hope.


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