Day 16 – I fit it in

Today I woke up thinking I was going to cancel the gym. My daughter had an eye appointment this morning and I just wasn’t sure I could get my s#%* together to get it all done.  My daughter really wanted to go play at the gym, so we made a deal. She would leave quickly when I said it was time to go, and we could only stay 1 hour. Well we did it. I went and ran 4km on the track and did a walking cooldown. I didn’t have time to do anything else, but I think my face is still red from the run- so I feel I worked hard enough.  There’s always tomorrow! 

Can you believe it though? I’m on 16/60 that means I just passsd the 25% mark.  I can honestly tell you that I have lost a few lbs and I have noticed a change in my body! And it’s only been 2 weeks! I am excited that I have another 75% of this challenge to go, I am excited to see what other changes might happen if I keep going. 

It’s also the third day where my husband is gone. Im telling you that my kids are insane. Like off the wall crazy. Bed time is my best friend. I also like nap time- I don’t even care who is taking them. Though it’s awesome when it’s me hahaha. 44 days till he is home! I feel like he might walk through the door and I’ll just hand him the baby and say “I’m out”.  It’s not that bad- they have been pretty well behaved too. You just have to keep them busy… all of the time! 😉 

This is me after running 4km. Look how red my face is…. however when you are as pale as I am… you really only get two colours – red and transparent. 😭😂

Till tomorrow


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