Day 15 – back to the gym


I definitely made it to the gym today. I went in not knowing if I was going to run or ride the bike. My one knee has been bothering me the last day or so, so I made the decision that depending on what direction the track was today would determine what activity I did… It was going the wrong way, so I rode the bike for just over an hour… and of course watched my show.

I also spent some time on the weights. I forgot to do my push ups, so I will be doing those in a little while.. I think im supposed to do like 22 or something today. I’ll have to check.

It felt good to go to the gym after a few days off, and the kids were happy to go to playcare. Its day two of my husband being gone… I think that the gym will be my mental savior. ┬áBut since im alone, I have less time to write here. LOL.

Till tomorrow!


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