Day 14 – no time.


Today marks the first day of7 weeks where I will be alone with the kids. My husband left this morning for his military training course. I would like to say that I will have time to go to the gym most days, but the weekends are pretty difficult, especially Sundays… I did go to the YMCA this morning, however it was because my daughter had her swimming lessons. I realized today that the next two Sundays, lessons are canceled. Its pool cleaning season I guess. 😛

ALthough I am not working out at the gym today, I am going to TRY and squeeze in some of my workout – BUt I am also starting to organize the house… starting with my closet and hopefully over the next 7 weeks moving through the house and into the basement. Lets see how long this motivation lasts. My house could use some TLC in the organizing department. It gets done about once a year or so… but some areas don’t get too organized… like the shelves and bins downstairs…. once again, lets see how long my motivation lasts LOL. I’m starting at the top of the house and will head downwards… probably because I’m dreading the basement…

Ok! That’s today! See you tomorrow


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