Day 10 – I need help


Yesterday evening was busy. I picked the daughter up from camp at about 4:40 and got home at 5… Made Emelyn one of her premade meals, and fed Emrys some baby food something or another… then it was time to clean up, bath Emrys, give him a bottle – get him to bed – then start Emelyn’s bed time routine – got her a snack, got her changed and teeth brushed, got her her supplements and gave her her injection, got her snuggled into bed, started some laundry, got a phone call that lasted 45 minutes, got Emrys because he was awake and terrorizing his bed… he pulled all the sheets off and was being a crazy pants… fed him another bottle – he happily went to sleep…. Now I had a moment to sit and realize I hadn’t eaten and was starving….  I didn’t want to cook. What was i going to make – i didn’t make a plan, I didnt take anything out from the freezer….. So I made myself frozen chicken strips from the freezer… 290 calories for 3…. I ate 6… with some McDonald’s sauce i had stashed in the fridge….

I need help.

I need quick and easy meal ideas. I need good food suggestions that will prevent me from making bad choices… So if any of my readers have any no fail, easy dishes – let me hear your suggestions. My only request is that they be chicken/turkey dishes as that’s the only meat we have in the house usually.

I also went to the gym today. I barely made it there. I did NOT want to go at all. I felt like garbage and I just had no motivation. So I rode the bike and watched a Chinese Drama… I yawned and stretched the entire time.. I just can’t kick the tired feeling today. Maybe it was those chicken fingers? LOL. Or maybe I just need to go to bed earlier.

Anyhow.. tomorrow is another day! I’ve got this… I hope!


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