Day 9- I went in the hot tub…

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So today is day 9. After I did a 2.5km run and a 15 min walk…. and after I did a few other things like plank, twists, leg lifts, crunches…. I realized it was rest day… haha so I stopped… went to the members plus room and chilled out.

I utilized their hot tub today too… had a nice bath with a stranger. And it would appear that in the buff is the norm… like 100%. So when in Rome. It’s a good thing I am not shy… even thought I feel that my body isn’t in very good shape… but I figure if I’m not worried, why would anyone else be?

Today is a short post, I’m watching Game of thrones and chilling out this afternoon on the couch. It is rest day after all.


One response to this post.

  1. Ack! You crazy woman. But really, good for you! I would have been hiding. :p



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