Day 4 Riding the bike for a rest day!

Layout 1

Today is a rest day… However the kids want to go to the gym ( playcare) to play with their friends… who am I to argue? So today I am going to chill out on the bike. It’s a good opportunity for them to socialize with thier peers and a great opportunity for me to get some much-needed self-care mental relaxation time.

One of the reasons I like the bike is because I have an addiction to Asian Dramas. I love watching them, and I use my bike time to watch them as they all have subtitles. Watching them at home is a lot harder because I have two kids that constantly interrupt my show… so I save it for the gym. These shows are great because they are usually between 10-25 episodes and then its over forever. You dont need to follow 10 seasons, you can move on to the next story. No never ending commitments! Its great!

Mischievous Kiss

I picked this image, which I found on google search because I’ve seen two out of the three versions of this drama – the Japanese as well as the Korean… I have to still watch the chinese version! Just need time! ❤

I guess that’s all for now 🙂


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