18/20 December Blog Challenge: A Random Letter To Someone.

( Disclaimer: I had a hard time with this post because I drew a complete blank on what to write about… so I just threw some random stuff together after a long day in the car with a sick kid…I apologize for the slack-ass post. Zzz!)

Dear Someone,

Everyone has times in their life when it just seems like you have faded into the background and are completely unnoticed. You can feel like the world is just rushing past you and you are watching from the sidelines or shadows. I don’t believe anyone is ever truly unseen. There is always someone that see’s you… even envying those traits that make you special. You are unique and there is no one else just like you. You might not always see it, but its true. You are special and there is no one you should ever want to be. You are important.





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