12/20 December Blog Challenge: The Meaning Behind My Blog Name.


Pickles are Cucumbers was named because when asked what I should name my blog my fiance said: ” Hey, what about pickles are cucumbers?” and I said ” OK!”

Now, that’s how my blog was named.. but perhaps I should tell you about why my fiance said such a random phrase as pickles are cucumbers.  It all started a few years back when he told me the tale about when he finally realized that pickles were actually cucumbers… He was out with some friends eating and his pickle tasted a bit off… he exclaimed “weird.. this pickles tastes like a cucumber.”  How long ago was this? well… lets just say he was way past the age where he should have realized where little pickles come from… but never the less, he had no clue and was like ” wait, what? pickles are cucumbers?!” I like to tease him about not knowing this little tidbit of information, but then again, I completely understand that if you never thought about it, or have never had to think about it, how would your brain come to the conclusion that two things are actually related.

I am pretty grateful that he has such a funny story, and thus sparking my blogs name… who knows what crazy name I would have otherwise?!



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