7/20 December Blog Challenge: If I Could Have One Superpower.


This is actually something that I have sat down thought about! ( I’ve also thought about my strategy plan in case there is ever a Zombie Apocalypse too!) Really though, who hasn’t?! It’s fun to imagine what things would be like if there were superpowers or magic, and you were special enough to have these amazing traits.

It’s a tough choice, what power would you want to have, if you could only pick one. Would it be flying? or telepathy? or would it be to heal yourself? There are literally thousands and thousand of idea’s… really, the only limit is your imagination!

Sometimes I imagine what it would be like if I had a really crap superpower…… like.. the ability to actually SEE peoples farts. It would be a pretty lame power with no real amazing usefulness besides being able to avoid walking into a stench cloud or being able to accurately point out who did it….

What would I choose? It is such a complex decision as there are variables to consider like how strong are your powers…. what are their limits… I have always wanted to fly… That would be my choice…However.. would I pick just that, or would I choose to have awesome telekinetic powers that allowed me to move both objects with my mind as well as myself… It seems like the better choice right?  And if my mind was strong enough, could I carry another person with me? I’m sure that If I just picked strictly flying, there is no way I could carry another person… I chose flying, not strength.

So I think we have my superpower.

Telekinesis – With the power to both control/move objects with my mind, as well as be able to move myself.

Now, what would I do with this amazing superpower? I have no idea… clean my house from the couch? cook supper while playing with the kid? Fly places instead of driving so I don’t have to deal with traffic? All of the above?! I would hope that if I had powers like that, I would find something more useful that putting my dishes away while sitting on the couch, or shoveling the walks from inside the house in the middle of winter.

What would you choose? Think about it, it can be a hard choice 😉


One response to this post.

  1. Telekinesis has always been my go-to answer on this question, as it appeals to my laziness…but at the same time, I have to assume there would probably be some great mental endurance that would be required for it…so, yeah, maybe it wouldn’t be as lazy as I’d like.

    Other times, I like to think that a great superpower would be to have that of Batman’s…you know…money. Not because I want to buy things for myself, but so I could pay people to do things for me.

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