1/20 December Blog Challenge : Introduction and Recent Photo




I have been sitting here for a while contemplating on how I should start my introduction. Formal or more friendly… or somewhere in between. And really… What should I tell you about myself… I can honestly tell you that I just Googled it. Google has the answers to everything, right? …

Actually that’s too much reading, so lets just wing it!

This photo is a selfie I took earlier today while running errands with the family. Im from Canada... It's really cold here!

This photo is a selfie I took earlier today while running errands with the family. Im from Canada… It’s really cold here!

Hi, My name is Miranda ( I usually sign my name on my blogs as Mira…Why? I think I might just be too lazy to type the last three letters of my name).  I am a 32 year old engaged ( to a super amazing guy) stay at home mom to one super amazing daughter who has special needs (Prader Willi Syndrome). I am also a hobby blogger. My two main blogs are this one, and Fight the HUNGER – a blog to help raise awareness about my daughters rare genetic disorder.

I enjoy fitness (obviously, since this blog has mostly been fitness challenges, LOL), blogging, gaming (World of Warcraft), social media, watching movies, baking, cooking, and eating my baking and cooking!

My life mostly revolves around my daughter. She has, in these past three shorts years, become a big part of my identity. Sometimes, when I am out without her, I feel lost… like a piece of me is missing. She really completed our family. I couldn’t imagine my life any different, and to be honest, I barely remember life before We became three. I am ok with that!

I am pretty sure that you will get to know me better by the end of this challenge, so as to not give away too much information to quickly, I will see you all on my next post!


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