December Challenge… Changing it up.


For the previous challenges I have focused on fitness. While fitness is still my goal ( I’m brainstorming my next challenge already!) I wanted to take a bit of a fitness break and change things up a bit. So with this I thought, what about a blog challenge.

I have decided to do a 20 posts in December Blog Challenge. These posts could come days apart, or there could be two in one day – it all depends if I figure out what to write or not. I don’t want to force myself to commit to a new post everyday, hence why I am only doing 20 in 30 not 30 in 30. Hopefully this challenge will provide some insight about who I am, as well as let me express myself a bit differently.

If you are curious about the topics that I will write about this month, here they are:

20 posts in 30 Days Blog Challenge
1. Intro and recent photo.
2. 10 random facts about me.
3. Favourite and least favourite foods.
4. Whats in my purse?
5. A list of all the places I have lived.
6. If I could have one superpower.
7. If I won the lottery.
8. Where I have traveled.
9. Doodle something… anything.
10. An old photo of me.
11. What I collect.
12. The meaning behind my blog name.
13. My fears.
14. What are three of my proudest moments.
15. A difficult time in my life.
16. What can I not live without?
17. My dream job.
18. A letter to someone.
19. What I hope to be remembered for
20. Why do I blog?

I hope everyone enjoys this months challenge.



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