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17/30, 18/30 and 19/30

So I forgot to post my last class…. Well half forgot and hang just didn’t have the ambition to reach for my phone and type a few words. But now I get to report that I have three more classes down! 11 more to go and 11 more days in the challenge! It’s great that I am right on track! 🙂





16/30 sculpt barre challenge

Another one down! Over the hump and exhausted from class today. Today was hard, I don’t know why. Still recovering from being sick, or I’ve been working really hard and my muscles are protesting… I shook awesomely today. I definitely did my best!



14/30 and 15/30 sculpt barre challenge

So two more classes down today and officially I am at the halfway mark of this challenge. It’s got to be easier from here right? Actually it’s not too bad, this weekend was killer tho- 4 classes in two days. I was exhausted. Two more classes today- feeling like I will sleep good tonight 😉



12/30 and 13/30 barre challenge

Two classes yesterday… Two classes today. I feel great…. Yet exhausted!!!! I am so glad to be feeling better getting back into my routine. Being sick really gets in the way of the things I want to do 😉



10/30 and 11/30

Well after my two classes on Tuesday- which I wasn’t feeling to great for… I got a lot worse. I ended up on the couch all pathetic sick for three days. I canceled 4 workouts and probably consumed a pharmacy worth of medicine. I am still a bit sick, mostly the lingering ticking throat cough that sounds awful.

But I went to class today! Actually I did two classes. I am exhausted! But I feel great! My body missed shaking!