Here we go again!

Alright, so as you know… September we had the 20 times in 30 days challenge. And since I made it through that, I have continued it into this month. But guess what! The studio I attend… IS HAVING A CHALLENGE!

Now, those of you that know me, know that there is no way I can pass up an opportunity to partake in a super awesome challenge.  Here are the challenge details!



And to make it even better… There are rewards to completing the challenge ( along side a super awesome looking body )

Clients who complete the challenge receive…
20% off next class package! {excludes annual pass}
Private 1 on 1 session!
Name entered to win a pair of NIKE studio wraps!
20% OFF tank top of your choice!

This all seems so awesome! I already go 20 times… I just have to add ten more classes! (Because I am obviously not busy enough with my Three year old!)  Anyone that is interested in the challenge, or checking out Sculpt Barre… You should! It’s amazing!


Please cheer me on as this challenge begins October 20th and concludes November 18th.


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