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Sept 19 and 20!

Yesterday was so busy and crazy that I just didn’t find two minutes to post my daily update. The workout yesterday was killer- seriously i don’t know how I was able to function all yesterday. I am actually sitting at sculpt barre right now waiting for class to start. I hope it’s hard- but not so hard that I’m wiped for the rest of the day. I’d post this later- but I think today is going to be busy again 😉





Sept 18 barre challenge

Today was another tough day. But it was a good’r! Thursday’s are my favourite day because the instructor plays great throw back Thursday tunes! It makes it a lot more enjoyable to push myself further when my toes are bouncing to fun and awesome music 🙂



Sept 17 barre challenge

I think they are trying to kill me thru really hard workouts. That is all 😉



Sept 16 barre challenge

Today was hard hard hard! I have no idea what was up with me- actually the whole class was being defeated by the workout today! Oh well- tomorrow is a new day.



Sept 13 barre challenge

Today is the last day of week two. I woke up feeling like garbage- but I THOUGHT if I got up and went about my day I would feel better. So I got up and went to my workout. Let me tell you, I am sick. Today’s workout was hard- the room was hot, and I felt like I was about to pass out a few times during my hour workout. I took small breaks and only pushed myself as far as I felt I could safely. I just popped a few cold medicine pills and sadly canceled my plans tonight- so for the next few days I am uncommitted and should be able to get better! See you all back here Tuesday!



Sept 12 barre challenge

I was so busy yesterday that I didn’t post! So here is it- I’ve obviously made it! However yesterday was tough! I was fairly certain I was going to die in class. Tough tough tough!




Sept 11 barre challenge

I had another great workout today. My shoulder has been bothering me since I woke up this morning so I had to take it a little bit easy. I hope it feels better tomorrow. 🙂