Sept 30 Barre Challenge Final day!

I made it! I worked out 21 times this month and its been amazing.

At the beginning of the month, I took measurements of my body. I took measurements of myself today.  Now, since I am not an expert, and its been a month… i have no idea if I am holding the measure tape at exactly the same spot as I did a month ago.  So basically, I think my results based on numbers would all be messed up (though, It appears that some of the numbers have decreased). maybe next time I will take more care and record exactly where I took the measurements. But then again… I am feeling amazing. So, who cares what the numbers say. I feel like I am looking better than I did a month ago… my legs are getting TONED! I am so pleased with this last months challenge… so pleased in fact, that I signed up for another month of classes… So October challenge HERE I COME!

10708115_10154601266205184_661997159_n 10716146_10154601266365184_1615319870_n

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