My daughter is a cheeky monkey!

Today is the fifth day of February. I have been strictly following my challenge, and fairly strictly following my healthy eating.  I have to admit, its been a little hard this time around.  I think its because I came off such a lazy junk food bender, that my body is currently going through withdrawals.  Just the though of a soda or a sweet snack is enough to make my mouth start watering.   Even typing this, I am now thinking about licorice and a Dr. Pepper. Nomnomnom.

I haven’t sworn off sweets and snacks forever. I have however challenged myself to a month without them.  I let myself get far too carried away, where instead of picking something healthy to eat on a regular basis, I would , for example, have chips for dinner.  Which, OK once in a while it won’t kill you… But when you make it a regular habit, that’s when a problem has been created. How am I going to get healthy, get fit, and lose weight when I’m wasting all my calories in a can of soda or a package of nibs.

I have been following the schedule of the work out challenge that I mentioned in my last blog post.  Today, my goal was to complete 8 pushups, 45 leg lifts and 70 squats.  I just want to give an example of how cheeky my little daughter is.

Day before yesterday, when I was struggling with my leg lifts, my daughter got down beside me and proceeded to show me up completing I’m sure close to a million leg lifts as i slowly struggled with the 35 I had to do.  Then TODAY, as I was doing my 70 squats, she got down in front of me and each time i got up from a squat she signed “more” to me.  Who needs a personal trainer when I have this little cheeky monkey bossing me around and showing me up. It’s a good thing she is cute!

Speaking of my daughter, I have been noticing a lot of profile pictures changing in the last week or so, all to a similar theme. Finally today, I joined them.  In support of my daughter.




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