90 Day Challenge – Day 32

Day 32 – Bikini Body Mommy Challenge (www.bikinibodymommy.com)

I feel as though today was stupidly busy as I feel both physically and emotionally exhausted.  Other than a longer than expected DR’s appointment, tidying up, and doing some research, I can’t really  justify how tired I am.  I think my daughter is also feeling this wave of unexplained exhaustion I am feeling. I have noticed the last few days that she is increasingly irritable, which I am feeling as well. So with my exhaustion, and “business” I forgot to do my workout till just now.


How I did today:

With it being 10pm, it doesn’t leave much to do for a workout. Its almost bedtime, and I don’t have the energy for a high cardio workout… truthfully I don’t feel I have the energy to roll off the couch. But I did. I rolled off the couch, I turned on YouTube and searched for a quick workout. Today I did a standing AB workout. It was 10 minutes in length. It explained that it would be intervals of 45 seconds workout, with 10 seconds rest…. I am fairly certain it lied. There didn’t feel like a break, maybe was I supposed to pause the workout… who knows. The one thing that made me feel good in this workout was the girl in the video lost her balance a little bit…. too low budget for a second take I guess…. but I felt good because I didn’t lose my balance. I continued on, waiting for her to fall again… to my disappointment, she didn’t… I have no idea whats wrong with me, just having a jerk night maybe 😉

Good Luck and see you tomorrow!

XXOO, Mira


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