90 Day Challenge – Day 26

Day 26 – Bikini Body Mommy Challenge (www.bikinibodymommy.com)

Yesterday was crazy! and I finished it off with a big bowl of ice cream filled with smarties and chocolate bars…. yes I am crazy! And no, I couldnt finish it… i got about half done and I had sugar overload…. tooooo muchhhh!  So today we are trying the workout again.. lets see if the sugar coma i was in last night gave me the energy to do all three sets!






How I did today:

Today was pretty hard, and I took extra breaks etc etc. BUT I did ALL THREE SETS! YAY!  I always have the most trouble with the shoulder sets… seriously… my arms are burning after those.. you all should see my face by the 18th one… its pretty grunty and seriously concentrating!… on second thought… its probably not a hot look…


1. SQUAT-CURL-PRESS 41 – 38 – 46
2. TEETER-TOTTER LUNGES 51/52 – 45/45 – 55/55
3. 3-PART SHOULDER SERIES 23 – 22 – 25
4. BENT-OVER ROWS 58 – 60 – 75
5. EXTENDED PLANK 67 secs – 69 secs – 90 secs

Good Luck and see you tomorrow!

XXOO, Mira


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