90 Day Challenge – Day 23

Day 23 – Bikini Body Mommy Challenge (www.bikinibodymommy.com)

Today is cardio day, usually its  nice enough out that I can just go for a run. Since the start of winter is here, its a bit cold for me to go out. Especially since I am home alone with the baby. Much too cold for her!  So today I think I will try the HIIT alternative.




How I did today:

So, I wasn’t sure what I should do… so I turned on my TV, and went to youtube. and looked up HIIT workouts. I know the directions on the bikinibodymommy site say to do 1 minute hiit, 1 minute rest and repeat 10 times … And since i couldn’t find something like that, i choose a 10 minute workout. The Youtube Channel I found the video on is momsintofitness . If anyone is interested in the link, I can find it for you.  Anyway, I feel as though that 10 minute workout was HARD, and I think I am more exhausted than if I went out for a run! I think now that its cold outside, I might YouTube HIIT videos and go from there on cardio days. I am still sweating from the workout and ive been done for over 10 minutes! Today is the first workout Ive had in a while, where I am not feeling to sick afterwards! Perhaps I am getting better! YAY!


Good Luck and see you tomorrow!

XXOO, Mira

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