Day 30 Squat Challenge

We made it! Today is the last day of the squat challenge.

Image250 squats today! Lets do it!

Now That we are done. I am a bit conflicted. Am I happy that I don’t have to do any more squats?~ Or am I going to miss them.  I know for sure my thighs and butt are going to miss the squats! I didn’t measure myself or take any photos before I started this challenge. I am really kicking myself.  This month I have lost 7lbs.  Which I think is FABULOUS! My pants also fit nicer, and I have a new found ambition and motivation to keep going.  Which is the reason that I am starting a new challenge on Monday Oct 7th. It is a 90 day challenge. It’s terrifying. However, I want results and the only way that results happen, is if you are serious, committed and if you work for them!

I hope that everyone that participated in this 30 day squat challenge enjoyed it( for the most part) , I know that even tho some days were grueling, I really liked it. maybe I will have to do this one again sometime!

See you all in a few days with the start of the next challenge!




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