Day 27 Squat Challenge

I don’t know how many of you follow my page on Facebook as well…  Pickles Are Cucumbers

But last night I wrote a post talking about the upcoming challenge that I wanted to partake in here is my post

I’m feeling a bit sad about the challenge starting in two days… I am pretty sure I’ve pulled a muscle in my back and have mostly been out of commission the last few days for doing most things. Icing it constantly today in hopes that it will feel better soon.

There is a chance I may have to postpone the 90 day challenge by a week so that I can heal up and not injure myself further. Major bummer, I am very anxious to get started. I will let everyone know how I am feeling tomorrow and if the challenge will be starting, or if it will be starting on the following week. Sorry if I have disappointed anyone:(

On a bright side, I am still able to do my squats, and will finish this challenge in just a few days… I am pretty pleased and proud of that!

So today is day 27


230 squats! woot! just a few more days to go. We have totally got this! Here is today’s video:

Good Luck!




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