Day 7 Squat Challenge

I worked yesterday for the first time in 2 years.  It was the first time I spent more than a few hours away from my baby as well. I’m happy that this job is just temporary and I am happy to be helping out.  I was exhausted last night after I got home, and even this morning I am feeling a bit tired. I am not used to being up this early either. My daughter is quite kind to me, sleeps through the night and doesn’t usually wake up before 8 am! Great right?!! except i have to be up at 630am to get ready for work. But that’s OK! I get up early and I can quickly do my squats and get ready for work.  YAY.

day7Day 7 Squat Challenge 80 squats!

Remember a week ago when we just had 50 to do… now we have 30 more… does it feel a lot harder? LOL some mornings!

Easy right……errrr?




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