Day 6 Squat Challenge

Another day up bright and early and ready to Zzz….. uh just kidding… yeah 😉 day 6 squat challenge!!! Yesterday was pretty great! 70 squats, then we hopped into the car, drove three hours and attended an AWESOME One Small Step Walk! The turn out was amazing, the walk was great and it was so fantastic seeing some old faces!


(Isn’t my daughter adorable ?!)

Today I’m off to a temporary job, helping out by covering someones vacation.  It’ll be the first time I am spending any significant time away from my daughter, but I’m up and pumped to start the day!


Today is day 6 of the squat challenge! That means 75 squats! Yesterday was a breeze! Today will be too ( I hope lol)

Whew that got my heart pumping! Yay, done till tomorrow!




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