Day 5 Squat Challenge

I feel fantastic after a day of rest! all day yesterday I kept thinking about this squat challenge, and I had a constant urge to do squats. I almost missed my 4 minutes of jelly leg inducing squats! I guess the bright side is that today is day 5 of the challenge and that means 70 squats today! That’s right, because we skipped a day for rest, that means we are moving up by ten today!

But that’s OK, stretch it out and just do them! 4.5 minutes and you will be done till tomorrow!


Day 5 Squat Challenge – 70 Squats!

DONE! And it seemed easier! WOW! I feel great!

Oh, I wanted to also mention that I am up super early today because the Family and I are heading down to Calgary for their Annual One SMALL Step Walk For Prader WIlli Research!  If you don’t know what this is please click here! This is a very important charity to our family as its the syndrome that my daughter has. If you would like more information on the syndrome itself or how to support this amazing charity and its endeavor to fund the research that will hopefully one day help eliminate the challenges my daughter will face, Never hesitate to contact me !




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