Day 4 squat challenge


Today is day 4 of the challenge,and like me, you have probably been looking forward to it since you felt the burn after day 1. Today is a rest day, a well deserved rest day.


When working out, it is important to give you body time to recuperate, especially if you are doing something new. It’s also nice to give your mind a bit of a break too, no worrying all day about when you are going to find time to do your challenge, or where you are going to do it. I’m not suggesting crawling onto the couch and mindlessly watching tv all day like a potato. If you get too comfortable you might not get back up…and we have squats to do tomorrow!

Today, do something relaxing yet active. I suggest a walk, or a leisurely bike ride… Or take the kids to the pool. Just don’t over do it, and have some fun!

See you tomorrow!



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