Day 3 Squat Challenge

I have to say all yesterday I hobbled around like a weakling.  Cringing every time I  went down stairs, or had to crouch down to get the baby. My body is definitely feeling the “burn”. Whats that old saying? No pain no gain? Well… I must be gaining a lot for how much I’m hurting.

I think that I forgot to mention that my hubby is also doing the challenge.  I am pretty impressed, he goes to work all day then comes home has dinner and then does his daily squats.  Its good to have support, as well as someone to understand what you are doing.  I posted online on Facebook asking for others to join in this challenge. So i have my sister, and my hubby, plus a bunch of you out there doing this challenge… wow, we are all going to look so good after this month is up!

So here we go!


Day 3 – Squat Challenge – 60 squats!

it seemed like today, the squats seemed to go on forever.  But, really it was barely 4 1/2 minutes and now I’m done for the day!



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