Day 1 – 50 squats

Today is the first day of my 30 day squat challenge…

Is it embarrassing that I needed to Google how exactly to do squats?


This challenge must be pretty popular as a lot of the images that my search returned, were images of this 30 day squat challenge. If that’s the case, how come more people don’t have superb looking butts? perhaps they too have no idea how to do a squat and once Googling it, they never got around to actually doing them. Well that is not going to be me!

50 squats! 1….2….

(minutes later)

I made it!

Who would have thought that 50 squats would make your legs feel like jelly? that you would work up a sweat. I wonder if this is actually a good exercise or am I just that much out of shape… Perhaps a combination of the two.

While doing the squats, I was a bit worried that I would lose count. So I logged into YouTube on the TV and found a Day 1 Squat Challenge video to count for me, and with that, all I needed to do was follow along. This made it much easier when I got to 36 squats and was too busy thinking about how im going to stand up in half a secnd to get ready for the next squat.

If you too would like to partake in this challenge, Here is the image again with the squat numbers for the day.


And here is the link to the video I used today:

Well that’s enough squatting for today! More tomorrow! Day 1 COMPLETE!




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