Its time to throw out the junk!

Have you ever Googled junk food? and then clicked on the tab to just view the images the search found.  If curiosity gets the better of you here, which it just might… You will see, for the most part, a big portion of my diet for the last two months.

Some of the reasoning to my poor eating habits lately are related to the fact that we drove across Canada, and frankly, it was just easier to grab some garbage food, get back in the car and keep driving. We have all been there. For the remainder of the last two months, I would like to attribute my poor eating to laziness. I could make all the excuses in the world. I was too tired to cook, we went out to eat with friends and I couldn’t figure out what to eat so i just had some ( insert deep fried garbage here).

Even right now, I am slurping on a Mountain Dew “Froster” from Macs. I know eating/drinking these things is not good for me, and the “yum” factor only lasts as long as is in your mouth, with consequences to follow. Honestly its depressing to think about how much food rules your life. How a craving can hit you, and its seemingly has magical abilities to consume your mind until you surrender to it.  Cravings are a hard habit to kick. That is what they are tho, just habits, bad habits.

I think that it is time for me make a change. Get rid of these bad habits, and take control of my life.  Its time that I get back on track and start making a positive change. No more excuses.  The only way your life will ever improve is if you step up and do something about it!

So with that, I have just tossed out my “Froster” ( Slurpee) and handed Darcy my candies and told him to get rid of them ( yeah… I also was munching on a container full of sour candies…. to my credit, I didn’t buy the cheezies at the store that I also saw and immediately wanted…lol). I still have left overs for dinner that are not very “healthy” but tossing out those two junk items, is a good start.

Tomorrow when I wake up, I will start out fresh. a new day, a new start of better eating habits. I’m excited!





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