I will admit, that in my paleo journey, I have not sought out grass fed organic meats.  If there is an option to buy hormone free, etc, i will take it. However, i cant usually afford the pricier meats. So although I claim to be paleo… perhaps, I am only sort of paleo.  I do however focus on no grains, no added garbage in my foods. Even with just that, it makes a difference. Have you ever read the ingredients on a box of frozen burgers? There is so much garbage in most of them, you often wonder, how much is actual burger. Why does it need to have wheat filler?  I guarantee that if you went to the supermarket, and unless you make your own burgers, anything you buy in a box will be full of fillers and weird ingredients.

I am a mom, I often find myself lacking in time, energy and motivation to prepare and cook a whole meal from scratch. Sometimes, I just need something easy to fry up and consume so i can keep going with my day.

So i went on a search for a yummy burger. This is when i realized the truth about packaged burgers.  And this is also when I found Bubba Burgers at Costco. I have only ever seen the sweet onion variety, but I hope to find the others someday as well.

These burgers do the trick.  They are gluten Free, and have no hidden ingredients in them. I love my burgers with some char on them, and when i fry it up, add on some cheese and bacon, I don’t even mind not using condiments.

So even tho these are not 100% paleo, they are still a really good alternative to most options out there. Image

I enjoyed my 23g of charred delicious protein… actually I devoured it so quickly tonight that I forgot to take a photo! maybe next time 🙂

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